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No more blow-up mattress beds when the kids have a last-minute sleepover! Shop single and king single trundle beds and packages with included bed frames that are tucked away by day and rolled out when needed for overnight guests.
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What is a trundle bed?

A trundle bed is the ultimate space-saving solution. It refers to a low bed on wheels that can be stored underneath the bed frame of a regular bed or daybed by day and rolled out at night when guests choose to stay over. Trundles are a popular choice for kids furniture as they’re perfect for sleepovers and can be securely stored under a single-size kids bed until friends visit.

They’re a great option for small homes where bunk beds or two single beds won’t fit in the space and, as they roll away out of sight when not in use, they keep the kids bedroom looking neat and uncluttered during the day.

What is the purpose of a trundle bed?

Trundle beds are designed to save you floor space by combining two sleeping spaces into one. Mostly used for sleepovers when the kids’ friends visit, trundle beds can also accommodate family members who stay the night or two siblings who sleep in the same room.

While bunk beds are bulky and take up additional wall space, a trundle bed is hidden from view beneath the bed frame of the main bed so that small bedrooms don’t look too crowded.

Trundle bed size options

The most common size trundle bed in Australia is a single or king single bed. You may be able to find double bed and queen bed options which have a king single trundle bed underneath them that are more suitable for adults than kids.

At Amart, we have single and king single trundle beds that come in a range of modern and stylish designs to suit every Australian home. Discover trundle bed frames that come with extra storage, such as the Captain Jack with handy drawer space and the Addison with an inbuilt bookshelf in the headboard for storing books, planters, decorations and more.

If a trundle package isn’t for you, we also have trundle beds by themselves that you can use to roll under your existing bed and save money as well as space.

The pros and cons of a trundle bed

A trundle bed can be a great option for small homes that have frequent overnight guests. But is it right for you and your home? Let’s look at the pros and cons:


  • Trundle beds save bedroom space by being stored underneath the main bed
  • They can be rolled under many types of beds, including regular beds with a bedhead and footboard, day beds, bunk beds, canopy beds and more
  • They give you two beds in one without overcrowding the room
  • Trundle beds are easy to pull out and push back under when not in use
  • Some trundle beds may be lifted to be the same height as the main bed


  • Trundle bed packages are more costly than buying a single bed
  • They can be more difficult to assemble than a regular bed

Bed frame and trundle packages

A bed frame and trundle package combines the bed base of the main bed as well as the trundle bed frame for convenience and to save money. All you need to do is purchase the two mattresses. Amart trundle packages feature a single or king single trundle bed with a bedhead and footboard plus the pull out trundle that rolls neatly out from beneath.

Find even more places to store your belongings with drawer space in the Captain Jack and a bookshelf in the headboard of the Addison. Both designs are white with a minimalist style to make adding your choice of bedding and accents fun and easy.

Choosing a mattress for your trundle bed

While the top mattress for the main bed can be any type you like, you’ll need to think carefully about which mattress you choose for the trundle section. A trundle bed mattress base can’t be too thick as they won’t be able to fit under the main bed frame.

Find the right mattress at Amart with our huge range of single mattresses, including Sealy Posturepedic mattresses that deliver superior support for growing bodies as well as memory foam mattresses that mould to your sleeping position over time to give you customised support.

Easy and simple storage

The right storage bedroom furniture will help you to keep a clean and uncluttered space. While trundle beds already save you floor space, our trundle packages come with additional under bed storage to help you fit even more. Discover three storage drawers in our Captain Jack bed for keeping clothes and more plus a bookshelf headboard in the Addison that takes up less room than a bookcase in the bedroom. Match your trundle bed to the rest of the furniture in your home, including bedside tables, dressers, tallboys, ottomans and dining tables.

Perfect for overnight guests & kids sleepovers

Take the stress out of sleepovers with a trundle bed in the kids bedroom! Unlike a sofa bed in the living room, trundle beds create a cosy sleeping space for two in the bedroom and roll back under the bed in the morning so that your child’s room stays tidy until next time. Trundle beds are also perfect for unexpected family members or friends who want to stay the night.

How much do trundle beds cost?

It depends on the size of the trundle bed and whether you are just purchasing the trundle or the bed frame as well. At Amart, we keep our prices below RRP so that everyone gets to find a bedroom solution that meets their needs. Shop our single trundles with a 5 star rating on sale for $199 or buy the trundle with a single or king single bed frame starting from $899. Each of our trundle beds comes with a warranty for total peace of mind. Buy online now with a fast checkout and delivery or add your favourite bed and accessories to a wishlist and buy later.

How many people can sleep on a trundle bed?

Most trundle beds come in a single size that fits neatly beneath a bed frame of a single or king single size bed to accommodate two sleepers. However, you can also find bunk beds with a single trundle that rolls underneath the lower bed to fit three sleepers, as well double or queen size beds with king single trundles underneath.