Trundle Beds

Trundle beds stashed under main beds are a brilliant invention!... Trundle beds for kids’ bedrooms mean those last minute pleas to ‘stay for a sleepover’ are easy to accommodate, while single bed ensembles with trundle beds provide overnight comfort for one or two guests. Read more

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Trundle Bed Fun With Everyday Convenience!

Trundle beds are more than just a spare bed, they’re an asset to your home.The perfect beds for granting sleepover requests, single trundle beds are one of those must-have bedroom furniture pieces providing time-saving and space-saving convenience to every family with young children.

At Amart Furniture you’ll also find high quality, leading brand single bed ensembles with built-in trundle beds - the ideal choice for homes with limited space for overnight guests.

What is a trundle bed?

The ultimate space-saving spare bed solution, trundle beds are popular inclusions in children’s bedrooms and spare rooms.

Trundle beds save time by eliminating the hassles involved with accommodating the kids’ requests for sleepovers and creating a bed of some sort for unexpected overnight guests.

Trundle bed frames sit on wheels, rolling out when we need them and back beneath the bed for space-saving storage when we don’t.

Available in single beds, single and double bunk beds and various other designs, trundle beds remain one of the most popular ways to create a space-saving guest bed for children and adults.

What are the types of trundle beds?

At Amart Furniture we have a range of beds for kids and our trundle beds are available in a range of designs, including:

  1. The popular kids’ Captain Jack Single Trundle Bed which comes complete with three drawers for additional storage.
  2. Also in our children’s beds range, the Jason Trundle is designed to be paired with the Jason Bunk Bed for extra sleeping space, along with built-in shelving for extra storage.
  3. The Funes White Trundle Bed has a sturdy metal frame and is also available in black. This trundle bed frame allows plenty of room for you to add a mattress of your choice. Once rolled out from beneath a bed the legs extend the frame to a height of 355mm which, when combined with the mattress, provides a comfortable single bed for an adult.
  4. Leading brand Sealy have crafted the Singles Bounty Base with a single trundle base and supportive mattresses on both beds. This trundle bed can be extended to the same height as the single bed, easily transforming into a double bed for couples.

Are trundle beds comfortable?

The comfort level of any bed is related to the mattress as well as the base. Our trundle beds allow the addition of the perfect mattress to suit your needs, so browse our range of single bed mattresses to find a budget-friendly quality foam mattress for occasional sleepovers such as the Dunlop Posturefoam Single Bed Mattress, or an innerspring mattress with a deep comfort level for regular use.

King single trundle beds provide extra length and width for greater comfort. A king single bed with trundle is another option if you want to get a little more use out of it for growing children.

Are trundle beds good for everyday use?

A supportive mattress is important for protecting your spine and providing good, healthy sleep. This is especially important for young, growing children. Trundle beds could be used for everyday use in the short term if they contain a good quality, supportive mattress.

When choosing a mattress for a trundle bed be aware of the available space between the trundle bed frame and the frame of the single bed.

Can you use a trundle bed for storage?

Some trundle beds like the Captain Jack include storage drawers within the trundle bed frame, providing both a spare bed and additional storage - the best of both! A trundle bed frame without a mattress could provide trundle bed storage space, but with the mattress onboard there is generally no extra room for storage items.

Can trundle beds be separated?

If you want a trundle bed which can be separated from the main bed, discuss the available trundle bed styles with the experts at your local Amart Furniture store. You might find differences such as:

  • Trundle beds on wheels enabling them to be rolled out from beneath the bed and used separately.
  • Trundle bed designs which ‘coast’ out from the main bed on rails, but remain fixed to the main bed.
  • Trundle beds designed to be separated from the main bed and then elevated by leg extensions so that you have the option to create one double bed.

As not all trundle beds are the same, it pays to consider the potential use for a trundle bed in your household, and choose an appropriate design.

Do you need bedroom storage furniture?

If space is limited at your house, a trundle bed is a great space saving solution to sleepovers and guest bed provision.

Along with single, double and bunk bed trundle bed frames and suitable mattresses, you’ll find an exceptional range of bedroom storage furniture items at Amart, saving both space in your home and dollars in your budget.