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Make the most of bedroom space with our storage beds that let you hide items in the bed frame out of sight. Discover gas lift beds and beds with drawers in every size, material and colour to match your bedroom furniture and interior style.
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Discover the best storage beds in Australia

A bed with storage utilises the area under and above the bed to give you extra storage space for items such as clothing, cushions, bed linen and knick-knacks. While a gas lift storage bed frame lifts the entire bed up to let you store things inside, a bed with drawers pulls out to give you a place to put your belongings when not in use.

Our under-bed storage solutions use side and footboard drawers to help you keep a neat and organised bedroom by hiding items out of sight. We also have storage beds with additional built-in headboard shelves where you can proudly display books and decorations for a unique touch.

Discover a storage bed today that works for you and your bedroom at Amart.

Gas lift storage bed vs storage bed with drawers

When it comes to bedroom storage, storage beds are a fantastic option. You have 2 main types to choose from:

  • Storage bed with drawers - These bed frames have built-in drawers that slide out when you want to use them and slide back in out of the way. They give you a quick and easy way to store your items and can be visible with handles or designed to blend in completely. Make sure that you have enough space in your bedroom to fully open and close the drawers.
  • Gas lift bed - A gas lift bed allows you to lift both the mattress and the slats to store items inside the entire width and length of the bed frame. They use a gas-lift mechanism on either side of the bed that lets you raise and lower the bed frame smoothly and without effort. Gas lift beds are ideal for small bedrooms that don’t give you enough space to open drawers and for when you have a lot of ‘stuff’ that you want to store out of sight.

Choosing a storage bed that matches your bedroom furniture

Make your gas lift bed or storage drawer bed really pop by surrounding it with matching furniture. We have bedside tables, tallboys, bookcases, dressing tables, wardrobes and more to give your bedroom that wow factor.

Our bedroom suites come with matching bedroom furniture and storage bed to give you a quick and easy way to makeover your bedroom.

Bed frames in a range of colours, styles and materials

Whether you like the look of a sleek black bed frame with high headboard or a brown timber bed frame with upholstered bedhead for a touch of luxury, find what you need at Amart. Our storage beds come in a huge range of colours and materials to suit every Australian home, including:

  • Beige
  • White
  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Rustic pine
  • Antique mango
  • Natural with timber-grain

Shop kids beds with storage

Our single and king single storage beds make excellent kids beds and fit nicely into smaller rooms. Discover our elegant Chanelle bed base in luxe white with 2 drawers in the footboard and a majestic high headboard so little ones can feel like a prince or princess.

If the bedroom is compact, a trundle bed is a great storage solution for when the kids have friends over. Simply pull out the second bed from underneath the single bed and you’ve got a comfy spare bed for a sleepover. Push it back under the bed when it’s finished being used until next time.

Discover comfortable mattresses for the best value

Whether you have a storage bed with drawers or a gas lift bed frame, we have affordable mattresses with a 5 star rating that fit perfectly and deliver all-night comfort and support. Find the density you need with ultra plush, plush, medium, firm and extra firm mattresses by Sealy Posturepedic and Othokinetics. Our Australian-made mattresses support your spine and alleviate muscle tension for restful nights and pain-free mornings.

Come in to your nearest Amart showroom to try-before-you-buy or shop online and checkout with fast delivery straight to your home. With a 10 year warranty, you can sleep easy knowing you’re covered for almost anything life throws at you.

Find gas lift beds in every size

Gas lift beds, also known as ottoman beds, are stylish and functional to give you maximum storage space when you need it. We have gas lift storage beds as well as drawer storage beds in every size for every household:

  • Single bed
  • King single bed
  • Double bed
  • Queen bed
  • King bed
  • King size bed

Match your bed frame to your bedroom window coverings

Window furnishings like curtains and blinds can be matched with your bed frame and quilt cover to create a beautiful interior that is cohesive and stylish. We have curtains and blinds to take your bedroom to the next level. Discover eyelet curtains and roller blinds in blockout fabrics for complete privacy and darkness or light filtering fabrics that diffuse natural sunlight for a soft ambience. Sheer curtains are trendy and versatile - keep them solo for maximum light and view or pair them with blockout curtains for privacy at night. Shop our window furnishings in neutral shades like white, duck egg, charcoal and natural.

What are storage beds?

A storage bed is a convenient bedroom storage solution that gives you extra storage space to keep belongings out of sight, such as bed linen, toys, clothes and shoes. While other storage options, such as storage boxes, take up room and look unsightly, storage beds build storage into the design using storage drawers or gas lift mechanisms that let you store everything inside the bed frame itself. With adequate drawer storage or a gas lift bed, you can keep a neat and tidy bedroom while saving loads of space by hiding everything away inside a beautiful bed frame that merges modern style with ultimate functionality.

Where can I buy a storage bed?

Amart is your one-stop-shop for storage beds in every size and style. Shop roomy king and queen size storage beds with rustic wooden frames that feature hidden drawers for ample storage as well as gas lift beds that are easy to lift and lower with plenty of space inside. We also have king single and single storage beds with drawers that are perfect for kids rooms and trundles for a space-saving solution when the kids want to have a sleepover.