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Our bedroom storage beds are the best storage beds for clever designs in all sizes! ... From kids storage beds to double, queen and king storage beds, discover storage beds with drawers, loft storage beds, lift up storage beds and even storage bed ottomans to maximise bedroom space. Read more

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Storage Beds - The Perfect Space-Saving Storage Solution!

You can never have too much bedroom storage space, right? The easy way to maximise bedroom space is by choosing bed frames with storage drawers or lift up storage beds for loads of built-in additional storage.

What is a storage bed?

A storage bed is a bed with a base that includes built-in storage drawers, or a bed where the mattress and slat base lift up to reveal underbed storage space within the frame.

Amart’s beautiful beds with storage come in two main designs:

  1. Storage beds with drawers built into the bed base, and
  2. Gas lift beds where the top part of the bed frame lifts to reveal full underbed storage within the base.

A bed base with storage drawers typically has two or three drawers at the foot of the bed. Some bed bases have drawers on the side, such as Sealy Posturepedic ensemble bases and Orthokinetic ensemble bases, so you can always find a bed base with storage that is accessible taking into account the size and dimensions of your bedroom.

Storage beds are the perfect storage solution when you need more room to store linen, spare pillows or cushions, clothes, blankets and even toys or books.

Types of Children’s Storage Beds

Our wide range of exciting kids beds includes single storage beds with underbed drawers, single ensemble bed bases and bunk beds with a range of shelf and drawer storage options.

Choose kids storage beds with drawers for the additional space needed to store kids’ clothes and toys, while single gas lift beds are a great way to stash sleepover bedding like spare quilts and pillows.

Are storage beds comfortable?

Totally! A storage bed is essentially a bed with storage box aka drawers built in underneath, so the comfort factor is not compromised at all.

Lift up storage beds are the same - the storage component is part of the base so the frame and the mattress provide the comfort, while the base provides the storage!

Choose the ideal mattress for you from our wide range of supportive mattresses and you’ll always have the best night’s sleep on your comfy storage bed.

Why choose a storage bed?

With so many great bedroom furniture storage items available, why would you choose a storage bed?

  1. You may have limited bedroom floor space available for items such as tallboys and chests of drawers.
  2. You might need more storage than your bedroom tallboys or chests of drawers can provide.
  3. Double storage beds, queen storage beds and king storage beds allow you to choose the most luxuriously spacious bed you can fit into the room without additional bedroom storage items taking up the floorspace.

How do storage beds work?

Very simply! Storage drawers are built into the bed base, generally at the foot of the bed but sometimes at the side.

Lift up storage beds are designed with a handle and hydraulic gas struts to provide assisted raising and lowering of the slat base and mattress. Gas lift beds reveal one large storage cavity beneath the mattress.

What is the best storage bed to buy?

The best storage bed for you depends on (a) how much extra storage space you need, (b) what type of storage you need, and (c) how often and how easily you need to access the items within.

  1. Extra storage for smaller items like clothes is easily accommodated in storage beds with two or three drawers.
  2. If you need storage for sleepover bedding, gas lift beds provide a large space in which to put bulky items like quilts, pillows, blankets and even foam mattresses.
  3. Bed bases with storage drawers can always be accessed, whereas gas lift beds can only be opened when there is no occupant in the bed.

To find the best storage beds for your needs, you can shop at any Amart store for storage beds in Sydney, storage beds in Melbourne, storage beds in Perth, storage beds in Brisbane - in fact you’ll find the ideal storage bed space-saving solutions anywhere in Australia at an Amart store near you!