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King Size Bedheads - The Last Piece Of The Puzzle

When you’ve chosen the kingsize bed and the mattress you love, king bedheads let you put the finishing touch on your luxurious king size ensemble or king size bed base, adding the ultimate comfort and style.

What is a king bedhead?

Also referred to as a king bed headboard, a king bedhead is the ‘throne’ so to speak, or the crown completing the regal look of your beautiful king size bed.

An upholstered king bedhead provides a cushioned barrier between your pillows and a hard, cold bedroom wall, creating warmth and comfort while sleeping, watching TV or reading in bed.

Do beds come with bedheads?

When buying a new bed you can choose from a range of configurations, such as:

  1. A bed base only, to which you add a mattress and a headboard. The Allison, the Meza and the Cortes are examples of king size beds to which you can add king headboards.
  2. A king bed ensemble, which can include a bed base and a mattress or just a bed base, but you add the bedhead.
  3. A bed frame which includes a bedhead and foot like the Edinburgh White King Bed, but you add the mattress.

If you’ve purchased a king size bed base only, or an ensemble, you’ll need a king bedhead to add that extra comfort and style behind your pillows.

Are bedheads universal?

Bedheads are available to complement standard bed bases or ensembles of the comparable size, so a queen bedhead for a queen size bed, a king bedhead for a king size bed, and so on.

Bedheads are commonly fixed to the bed but can also be fixed to the wall, or even stand alone but held in place by the weight of the bed.

Available in different designs, sometimes even encompassing bedside tables within the bedhead frame, it is important to choose the same size bedhead as your bed base and mattress.

How do you assemble a king bedhead?

The assembly instructions may differ depending on the design of the bedhead, but they come ready to assemble with enclosed instructions which are quite simple to follow.

Of course if you select something like the stylish Lotti King Headboard in fabric upholstery, you can enjoy the easy installation of a stand-alone headboard which doesn’t need attaching to your bed.

What are the different bedhead materials and styles?

Check out how diverse our range of bedroom furniture is, from sizes to styles, fabrics to features. In order to match and complement the beautiful range of beds our luxury bedhead collections include:

  • Upholstered bedheads in varying fabrics and colours.
  • Fabric bedheads in the latest on-trend materials and shades.
  • Different designs and varying heights to suit your bedroom.

How do you clean a fabric bedhead?

You can vacuum your bedhead with a fabric vacuum attachment to remove dust and accumulated dirt and hair, or even use a lint roller.

To spot clean any soiled areas try using a cloth dipped in warm water with a gentle detergent or baking soda, then using a clean wet cloth to rinse. Always test any cleaning products in an inconspicuous area before cleaning your headboard to be sure the colour won’t fade.