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Tall and beautiful, floor lamps provide lighting from a higher position than table lamps. Shop for a standing floor lamp that will make a statement in your living room with our range of designer lamps in a variety of styles from classic to Scandi.
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Timeless illumination for modern living

Floor lamps have been the traditional way to provide ambient room lighting for generations. There are now a wide range of designs available using LED light, halogen and fluorescent technologies. Floor lamps illuminate perfectly when positioned behind a seating area. The increased light is extremely useful for reading, playing games, using the remote, or simply as an alternative to ceiling lighting.

What is a floor lamp?

It’s worth knowing that floor lamps are available in various heights for specific purposes. However, all floor lamps share similarities that include:

  • A tall pole or support for placing a light higher in the room.
  • One or more switches for operating the floor lamp.
  • One or more lamps or bulbs for providing light.
  • Lamp shades over the light bulbs to shield your eyes from glare.

Why you need a floor lamp

Floor lamps have various uses, mostly determined by the size and height of the lamp. Tall Standing Lamps are quite tall; between 5ft-6ft, or 152cm-182cm whereas Reading lamps are naturally shorter. Here are three types of floor lamps:

  1. Short Floor Lamps: This style includes floor reading lamps, pharmacy lamps and some arc floor lamps. With these lamps, the shade sits just above shoulder height when a person is seated. A pharmacy lamp is used next to a desk, whereas a regular reading lamp is usually stationed next to a couch or armchair.
  2. Average Floor Lamps: These represent typical floor lamps between 152cm - 182cm high. The shade should be around eye level when you are standing.
  3. Tall Floor Lamps: These oversized floor lamps look great in substantial rooms with tall ceilings. Tall floor lamps can be up to 240cm to make a visual décor statement.

The right height for a floor lamp

The height of your floor lamp will be determined by the size of your room and the distance you want to project illumination. Lampshades filter, direct and shape light, and are often designed with an opening at the top and another at the bottom.

Depending on the lampshade material, the shade will be decorated by light passing through, diffusing and tinting the colour. If yours is a tall lampshade, a wider bottom on the shade will disperse more light across the room.

A floor lamp that lights up your space

A tall floor lamp can illuminate an entire room just like regular lighting. Floor lamp light is often more subdued and subtle, making it an alternative that is less glaring for the eyes. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of shifting slightly on the couch to capture the perfect amount of illumination from a floor lamp.

Floor lamps are perfect for smaller spaces. Modern floor lamp designs include a wide range of lamps for living rooms, including tripod floor lamps, minimalist floor lamps, Scandinavian floor lamps, or coastal floor lamp styles. Finding a floor lamp and home décor is easy at Australia’s favourite furniture retailer. You can shop online by adding lamps and other accessories to your wishlist for a final look before heading to the checkout or you can go in-store to mix and match in person. Amart has 67 showrooms around Australia, from Melbourne to Darwin, Cairns to Hobart and Sydney to Perth. Find your nearest store with our store locator.

Matching your floor lamps to your furniture

Matching is a broad term when it comes to living room furniture, bedroom furniture, or office furniture. You can pop your DIY designer hat on and choose a floor lamp that matches your room’s tones and colours, or something that contrasts in a special corner.

If you have a wooden side table, dining table, or coffee table in your living space, a traditional wooden floor lamp stand may be the right choice. You should also check out Amart’s favourites: The Merca Floor Lamp, Spyro Floor Lamp, and Lexi Tripod Floor Lamp with a lower height of 145cm, making it ideal as a side lamp while seated. You can mix and match floor lamps with other pieces in Amart’s range such as table lamps, mirrors, vases, rugs, and artwork.

Choosing the right lamp for your space

The space you have and the current style of your décor will determine the size and style of your lamps. Choose a light floor lamp colour that blends into its surroundings or a floor lamp black that stands out. The materials of the stand along with the shape of the lampshade determine the style of your floor lamp. For example, a lamp made from antique brass will suit a vintage or mid-century/retro theme while a marble base floor lamp will give a contemporary, luxe look. Consider how the following styles will look with your theme:

  • Metal floor lamp
  • Glass floor lamp
  • Brass floor lamp
  • Tripod floor lamp
  • Wooden floor lamp
  • Rattan floor lamp

Floor lamps for different rooms

You should start by asking yourself a few questions about the type of floor lamps you need in your home.

  • Do you like to change the lampshades regularly?
  • How much floor space do you have to utilise?
  • Are you trying to create a workspace/home office or living area?
  • Do you need a floor lamp that’s lightweight and easy to move?
  • Do you want a multipurpose lamp with extra bulbs or shades?

Let’s have a look at some of the rooms around your home.

Living room floor lamps

People spend a lot of time in the living room, so they want the right lighting for reading, entertaining, watching a movie, or just hanging out. Consider whether you need task lighting and if you’d like your lamp to cast its light downwards or whether you need an uplighter.

Make sure the floor lamp you choose ties in with other light fittings in the room such as pendant lights, wall lights or spotlights.

Bedroom floor lamps

The bedroom has some unique lighting needs, and most bedrooms have additional power sockets to accommodate lamps and other devices. If yours is a larger bedroom with room for a window seating area, you can comfortably accommodate a tall floor lamp.

However, shelf and dimmable globe table lamps are often the best options in bedrooms where space is at a premium. These lamps save floor space but still give you vertical appeal as they sit around bed level.

Dining room floor lamps

Your dining room should promote brightness and warmth without glare. A large dining room is ideal for statement furnishings such as buffet tables and display cabinets illuminated by a tall floor lamp. Smaller rooms may be served well with table lamps that sit securely on the cabinet or buffet table.

Colourful drum shades create a cheerful light, while other lampshade materials illuminate in a more restrained or focussed pattern. Explore the great range of floor lamps, table lamps, and other lighting styles available at Amart Furniture, and create the perfect ambience in every room of your home.