Your bedroom should be a relaxing retreat. But it should also reflect your personal style. The internet is swamped with bedroom ideas, and it can be tricky deciding how to decorate your bedroom.

Things to consider when creating your dream bedroom are:

Do you want a luxurious bedroom, or a simple bedroom? Are you more drawn to breezy white bedrooms, or moody dark bedrooms?

Whatever your preferences, you’ll find plenty of bedroom inspiration right here.

Bedroom Essentials

Before we dive into bedroom themes and bedroom trends, make sure your sanctuary is primed for sleeping with these essential steps that should be included in all bedroom designs.

Get a Comfy Mattress

All the bedroom décor ideas in the world won’t make your bedroom an oasis if you’re sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. The first step to a dreamy bedroom is a comfortable and supportive mattress. Make sure you How to Choose the Right Mattress for Back Pain and preferences to ensure you wake up on the right side of the bed every morning.

Ditch the Distractions

Your bedroom is for sleeping and relaxing. TVs, computers, and exercise equipment can affect the energy of your space, causing distractions and stress. Light from your electronic equipment can even increase alertness and trick your brain into thinking you’re not tired, preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep. If it doesn’t help you relax and prepare for sleep, it needs to go in another room.

Improve Your Sleep Environment

Light, sound, and temperature all play a huge part in maintaining a healthy sleep cycle. Ensure your bedroom is sleep-friendly by making it dark, quiet, and 15.5-19.4°c, the optimum sleeping temperature. If you can’t control the light in your room, try an eye mask. If you have noisy neighbours, try a white noise machine or app (we’ll allow electronic equipment for that use!).

Small Bedroom Ideas


Is your bedroom on the cosy side? Just because your bedroom is small, doesn’t mean it can’t be big on style! These small bedroom ideas will have your space looking great and feeling bigger than it really is.

Bedheads Over Bedframes

Who says you need a bulky bedframe to make your mattress seem more appealing? Opt for an ensemble and bedhead to add style without taking up too much floor space.

Multipurpose Furniture

When you’re limited for space, every piece of furniture has to count. Choose multipurpose furniture to limit the number of pieces in your room. For example, that cute corner desk can double as a nightstand.

Sneaky Storage

Maximise the space in your bedroom with clever storage hacks. That empty space under your bed becomes easy storage with the addition of drawers on wheels.

Master Bedroom Ideas


Is your bedroom full of space and potential? Whether you’re sleeping solo or sharing your bedroom with a special someone, embrace your space with these master bedroom ideas.

Take a Seat

A bedroom seating area is perfect for reading your favourite book, tying up your shoelaces, or simply taking a load off after a long day. Bedroom benches and bedroom accent chairs are a great addition to any master bedroom corner.

Let There be Light

Light fixtures are a great way to add drama and wow-factor to a master bedroom. To really make a statement, opt for a chandelier for a glam feel.

Rug Up

A bedroom Rugs is an easy way to express your style. Whether you go for a sophisticated neutral or a playful pattern, there are endless designs available to add some eye candy to your bare floors.

Discover more master bedroom ideas Master Bedroom Decorating.

Bedroom Themes & Ideas

Looking for a bedroom theme that reflects your personal style? From minimalist bedrooms to luxury bedrooms, these bedroom themes are sure to have you looking forward to bedtime.

The Luxurious Bedroom


Who doesn’t love a touch of luxury? Luxurious bedrooms are all about the finer details. By combining textures such as silk, faux fur, and velvet, you can create a sense of sophisticated indulgence. Don’t forget a touch of bling with mirrors and metals – the shinier, the better!

The Modern Bedroom


Comfortable and timeless, modern bedrooms create a contemporary style that looks great in any home. Modern bedrooms are all about practicality; think clean lines and no clutter. Colour palettes consist of black, white, and other neutral shades contrasted with a pop of colour.

The Simple Bedroom


Providing a truly peaceful and serene space, simple bedrooms generally have the bare necessities needed for a good night’s sleep. A simple bedroom style is perfect for anyone interested in a minimalist lifestyle, or who simply wants to ditch the distractions in their bedroom.

Bedroom Trends

Stay ahead of the style curve with the biggest bedroom trends. These hot looks will have your bedroom looking Pinterest-worthy in no time!

Bedroom Feature Wall


Wallpaper is back in a big way, and a funky bedroom feature wall has become the go-to to express yourself and make a statement. Feature walls are an easy way to add interest to your bedroom, and can even be a chance to let loose and experiment with something a little crazy! From bold paints and textures to wild wallpaper, there are endless options for your bedroom feature wall.

Low Bed Frames


Of all the bed designs, low bed frames are the winner for tranquil and Zen vibes. Particularly popular in timber styles, low bed frames are a hot favourite in bedroom designs. Just be sure to vacuum regularly now you’re closer to the floor!

Plants in the Bedroom


Who says indoor plants should be reserved for your living areas? Improve the quality of air in your bedroom with indoor plants such as peace lilies and bamboo plants.

Bedroom Colours

The colours in your bedroom can affect the overall atmosphere of the space. Choose your colour palette wisely.

White Bedroom


Fresh and breezy, there’s nothing boring about a white bedroom. This peaceful tone evokes feelings of new beginnings, and what better way to begin your day? Try using different tones of white and mixing up the textures for some contrast.

Dark Bedroom


For a moody and romantic bedroom, go bold with rich shades of jewel colours like sapphire, ruby, and emerald. These deep tones create a dark bedroom with a hint of old-world charm. Or for a more modern and edgy look, choose different shades of charcoal.

Bedroom Accessories

Add character with those special final touches. These bedroom accessories will take your new bedroom design to the next level.

Bedroom Art


Your eyes aren’t always closed in your bedroom, so give them something nice to look at with some bedroom Wall Art & Mirrors. From canvases to framed quotes and your favourite photos, there are endless ways to liven up a bare wall in your bedroom.

Bedroom Rug


Bedroom rugs add colour, texture, and style to a space. Not to mention, your toes will love you for it! Place your rug under the bed, at the foot of the bed, or next to the bed.

How to Dress a Bed

Your bed is the main feature of your bedroom. Dress it up to make a statement and enhance your slumber.


Whether you opt for a pretty set of Bedding Accessories or not is a personal choice. Above all, your sheets should be comfortable and fit your mattress well. You can learn more about how to choose the right sheets Bedding & Manchester Buying Guide.

Quilt Cover

From classic neutral looks to bold patterns and interesting textures, there are endless Bedding Accessories to choose from. Again, make sure your quilt cover fits your quilt properly to avoid lumps and bumps when you make your bed.

Throw Pillows

What bed is complete without one too many Cushions? Bed cushions and throw pillows add that snuggly, dreamy vibe we all want in our bedroom. Choose a few in different sizes and fabrics for added interest.

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