At Amart we’ve got your windows covered with a great range of curtains and blinds! Check out our high quality curtain rods and ready-made window coverings including sheer curtains, eyelet curtains, tab curtains and pinch pleat curtains as well as sheer and blockout blinds for your living rooms and bedrooms
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Contemporary Curtains - Affordable Luxury!

Add stylish simplicity to your living room decor and your bedrooms with room darkening window coverings including blockout curtains and light filtering sheer curtains from our range of curtains and blinds.

What are the different types of curtains?

Window treatments include venetian blinds and roller blinds along with curtains. Curtains for your living areas and bedrooms are designed in a range of fabrics for different purposes:

  1. Sheer fabrics which filter out sunlight during the day.
  2. Cotton, polyester or linen fabrics with room darkening qualities for day or night time use.
  3. Full blackout curtains designed for total light exclusion and insulation, popular in bedrooms.

These types of curtain fabrics are also available in different styles such as:

  • Tab curtains featuring exposed fabric loops hanging from curtain rods
  • Eyelet curtains where curtain rods weave through holes lined with metal rings
  • Rod pocket curtains with curtain rods threaded through fabric pockets
  • Pinch pleat or box pleat curtains - a classic style with sewn-in pleats hung on curtain rods or tracks

What are sheer curtains?

Sheer curtains provide daytime privacy, protection from sun damage and light filtering functionality. During the day you can see out through sheer curtains, but outsiders can’t see in. At night this is reversed if lights are on inside the home.

Sheer curtains such as the stylish MIST Voile Rod Pocket Curtain are manufactured in 100% polyester voile sheer fabric, available in on-trend colours including Silver, Charcoal, White curtains and Linen curtains.

How do you hang curtains?

Window curtains are hung either on curtain rods or tracks which are fixed to the wall by single or double brackets. Curtains are hung from above the window with a drop that reaches floor level.

Tab curtains, eyelet curtains and rod pocket curtains will always be hung on a curtain rod, but pinch pleat or box pleat curtains can be hung either on a curtain rod using rings or on a curtain track using hooks.

When you buy curtains online or instore at your local Amart store you can also shop for curtain accessories, including curtain rods, rod ends and brackets.

How do you measure curtains?

Our ready made blockout curtains and room darkening curtains measure 120cm width x 223cm drop, and are manufactured to suit a standard window size. Our Airey sheer curtains are 135cm x 223cm and our Mist sheer curtains are 120cm x 290cm.

You can position the curtain rod at a height to accommodate the 223cm or 290cm curtain drop, or you can take up the hem of the curtain. Unsure? You can chat with the friendly team at your Amart store or use our easy online chat to answer any questions.

How do I choose the right curtains?

The things to consider when choosing curtains include:


What do you want your curtains to do? Provide daytime privacy and sunlight reduction? Provide night time privacy or insulation from heat and cold? Provide a totally dark room for sleeping? All of the above? Answer these questions before deciding which curtains are right for you.


Would you like to see an exposed curtain rod or do you prefer an unobtrusive curtain track? Do you like the open weave of an eyelet curtain, the stylish look of a tab curtain or the pinched look of a rod pocket curtain? What style works with your interior design?


Which is the best way for you to open and close your curtains - by drawstring, wand or tie-back?


Which colours will go best with your decor? Black curtains in blockout fabrics or sheer fabrics will create a bold and striking look, while on-trend grey curtains are modern and stylish. White curtains add a light and airy freshness to your decor.


Do you like the smooth look of the Nova faux silk curtains or do you find the textured eyelet Dallas blockout curtains more interesting? Sheer, textured jacquard, linen-look and plain triple weave fabrics are also available.

Can you wash curtains?

While many fabrics are washable, whether you can throw them in the machine or not will depend on the type of fabric so check the care instructions before washing your curtains.