Stylish wall mirrors and wall art for your home add personal style, flair and interest to your interior design. Explore our range of wall mirrors and wall decor including canvas prints, framed wall art and abstract art as well as bedroom wall art, distinctive large mirrors and round mirrors too!
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Wall Mirror

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Wall Mirror

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Must Haves for Stylish Home Decor: Wall Art and Large Mirrors!

It’s the little things like wall art prints and decorative wall mirrors that transform a house into a home by reflecting your personal style. Browse our range of wall hangings and find the perfect piece of wall art or wall mirror to be the statement piece in your living room!

What is wall art?

Visually stimulating wall decor can be many things to many people. Our range of wall art and mirrors in a variety of colours, textures, shapes and sizes adds modern flair to your decor. The wide selection includes:

  1. Canvas prints
  2. Framed wall art
  3. Kids wall art
  4. Bedroom wall art
  5. Abstract art
  6. Rectangular and round mirrors

How do you choose wall art for your home?

Shopping for wall art for your home is exciting! You can buy wall art online at Amart with Australia wide shipping, or visit your nearest Amart store to view a limited range.

To ensure you love the result once you get that fabulous piece of wall art or decorative wall mirror up on the wall, follow these tips:

  1. Measure the dimensions of the wall space - what size and shape piece of wall art will fit best?
  2. Consider the mood in the room - what style of wall art will work with your decor?
  3. Which colours in the art will fuse well with the colours in the room?
  4. Do your homewares accessories have a theme or distinct style?
  5. What style of art do you really like? Decorative homewares accessories and wall art should give you warm and happy feels!
  6. Budget - at Amart the price tag doesn’t have more WOW factor than the art!

What to avoid:

While art is subjective and there are no rights or wrongs, wall art and mirrors in living areas should complement your living room and dining room furniture if you want to achieve a harmonious vibe. Interior design experts suggest avoiding the following traps:

  1. Choosing art that is too small. Get the size right - a small piece of art will have no impact on a big wall.
  2. Choosing art which doesn’t fit with the vibe. If you have a light, fresh style of decor such as Scandi, bold art with a heavy frame will look out of place.
  3. Choosing art with colours that don’t work. The tones should blend with your decor and either be neutral such as Silver Lady or have some pops of colour to match with colours in your homewares.
  4. Choosing art with a contrary theme to that in the room. Eg: if your style includes homewares items and rugs or cushions with animal prints, then abstract geometric patterns will probably clash but botanical, nature or animal wall art prints will work well.

Where should you hang wall art?

Sometimes blank walls are just screaming for canvas prints or stunning large mirrors such as the Moon rattan wall mirror or the gorgeous Mare wall mirror.

If you’re not able to hang wall art or mirrors on your walls, you can choose freestanding mirrors like Taylor or Arch, or you can sit wall art prints or mirrors on hallway tables or consoles and lean them against the wall.

At Amart you can find the perfect piece of wall art to put anywhere in the home, such as:

  • Living room canvas prints or framed wall art
  • Bedroom wall art
  • Wall mirrors for hallways and entryways
  • Dining room wall decor
  • Art for your home office

If you prefer the minimalist style of decor one or two statement pieces of wall art will suffice. TIP: wall art and mirrors should be hung close to eye level, not well above head height.