A throw draped across your favourite chair, sofa, or bed can add warmth and colour to the room. Creating a look of stylish comfort is as easy as mixing and matching contrasting or co-ordinated throw patterns and textures for personalised appeal.
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Relax To The Max With Comfortable Throws!

For luxurious comfort and contentment, there’s nothing better than curling up with your favourite throw blanket. Add soft and inviting texture and colour to your room, and enjoy free time the way it is meant to be, courtesy of the Amart throws collection.

What is a throw?

If your lounge or living room looks just a little bare, even when fully furnished, you may need to add a finishing touch, and throws are the answer. Throws are decorative material pieces, smaller than blankets, often with intricate weave and eye-catching patterns that are perfect for displaying in any living area.

Throws are usually about 1m x 1.5m although it is possible to find throws in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. They can be made from premium materials including organic cotton, while polyester or micro-fleece throws are very affordable and easy to clean.

What are throws used for?

Throws have several intended uses. A throw across the back of your couch is in easy reach for times when the air is a little colder. The throw can be draped across feet, legs or shoulders for extra warmth at the perfect snuggle temperature.

A well positioned throw over a nice piece of furniture will make the furniture much easier to keep clean. Throws are a furniture life-saver if you have active kids or curious pets who like to curl up. Machine washable throws are ideal in these scenarios.

Inviting throws provide warmth and comfort, particularly throws made from fleece and soft, natural weave materials. Take relaxation to the next level with a beautiful throw on your favourite chair. After use, place the throw back in position and ‘just like that’ it’s a decorative piece again.

Which throws are the best?

Throw blankets and throw rugs are versatile, with lots of uses. Couch throws and throws for beds are perfect for times when you want to feel ‘just right’ without climbing under the covers.

Your home decor and furniture styling will help determine which throws and home accessories best fit your lifestyle. Let’s check out some different types of throws.

Ludar Cotton Woven Throw: Available in a soft cream colouring and made from 100% cotton, this throw with tassels and tufted polka dots is the practical, decorative and stylish addition to your couch or bed.

Sprinkle Soft Fleece Throw Rug: Almost as cuddly as your baby, this throw rug in pretty pink is a perfect nursery accessory. Keep your little one snug in a rug for the ultimate in contented comfort.

Arctic Faux Fur Long Pile Throw: Transform chilly winters into a time for curling up in comfort. Light the fire, don your slippers, grab a hot cocoa, and drape over the long pile faux fur throw, Arctic style.

Aston Knitted Polyester Throw: Knit fabrics are inviting and warming. This chunky knit throw, available in soft pink and charcoal, is sized right as a genuine throw over blanket for classic or contemporary styling.

Personalise your home decor with international flavour, such as the Turkish-inspired Bebe Throw Towel or the on-trend Maev Textured Throw, both from the iconic Perago Home brand.

Is a throw the same as a blanket?

Throws and blankets share some similarities, but there are significant differences. Throws are a ‘casual blanket’ for decor and naps outside of regular sleep times. Let’s investigate the similarities and differences.


  • Materials - since throws don’t need to fit between bedding, the options for materials are basically endless. Think snuggly, soft fabrics with optional tassels or a throw with pom poms.
  • Size - designed for covering a couch back or arm, and also used to cover your body, but not large enough to cover your bed. Throws are the perfect size for use as an accent piece or an afternoon siesta.
  • Function - more than just an addition to your home. Throw benefits include versatile use in almost any room. Accent decor with colours, fabrics and patterns, plus add light warmth and cosiness.


  • Materials - smooth and uniform texture for use as a bedding layer.
  • Size - designed to cover an entire bed, from single to king size.
  • Function - used only on the bed, usually in colours that match bedroom decor.

What is the best material for a throw?

Australia is a big country with a wide range of climate conditions. Heavy knitted throws and faux fur throws are cooler climate favourites, while a soft cotton throw or polyester throw for lounge chair comfort may be perfect in the sub-tropics.

Explore the Amart Furniture range of throws and decorative accessories such as mirrors, lamps and cushions for all home styles. Choose premium fabrics for upmarket style, or easy-clean material throws for busy homes with kids and pets. Purchase online or at your nearest Amart store.

How to style your space with throws?

Looking for throw ideas and inspiration? Here are seven simple techniques that will transform your home.

  1. Neat and tidy. For an organised contrast look, fold the throw and drape it over the back of your couch.
  2. Casual chic. An alternative to hanging over the back of the couch, fold and drape the throw over the couch arm.
  3. In the basket. No-fuss throw storage. Simply toss your throw in a decorative basket when not in use.
  4. Imperfect perfection. Bunch, scrunch, or drape your throw over the couch in stylised haphazard fashion for casual contemporary charm.
  5. The foot warmer. Keep your throw folded on your daybed, ready to cover cold tootsies on chilly days.
  6. Hanging around. When not in use, drape your throw over an ornamental rung for a decorative focal point in your room.
  7. Bedroom styling. Keep a throw on your bed for times when you want to relax without climbing under the covers.

Throw and home decor choices are almost unlimited for style and function. Discover the many ways to decorate with throws at Amart Furniture!