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Bedside tables help to create that ‘finished’ look in a bedroom while providing practical and functional convenience.... Check out our huge range of bedside tables in a wide variety of stylish designs, shapes and sizes to match or complement your bedroom furniture and your budget too! Read more

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Small But Mighty Bedside Tables

They might be the smallest piece of bedroom furniture in the room, but bedside tables are multi-purpose side tables with many talents. 

Are bedside tables necessary?

If you want to create a bedroom which is a relaxed and comfortable space in which to wind down at the end of the day, then bedside tables certainly serve a purpose.

You can use bedside tables, also known as nightstands, in the following ways to improve your sleep experience:

  • To hold bedside table lamps. Bedside table lamps allow you to switch off the light just as you’re ready to nod off, without having to get out of bed. Conversely, a lamp on your bedside table lets you switch a light on if you need to during the night.
  • For storage. Bedside drawers or cupboards can store items you may want to be handy at night time or simply provide extra storage space for clothes and knick-knacks.
  • For leaving items you might need in the night within easy reach while you sleep, such as phones or tissues. 

Different styles and types of bedside tables

At Amart Furniture you’ll find a range of bedside tables made from all sorts of materials, in different colours and completely different designs. 

Depending on the functionality you require and the look you want to achieve, you can choose from wooden, leather-look or powder coated metal bedside tables in a range of sizes, shapes, heights and styles such as:

  • Small bedside tables that won’t dominate the space
  • Rattan bedside tables for a light and breezy look
  • MDF or natural timber bedside tables in a range of colours
  • Classic styles or ultra modern bedside tables
  • Contemporary, Scandi and Heritage styles
  • Traditional, Industrial and French Provincial styles
  • Side tables with one, two or three bedside drawers
  • Kids bedside tables to complement Amart kids beds
  • Left hand or right hand opening bedside cupboards
  • Square or round bedside tables

What to put in bedside table drawers?

Anything you might need during the night, anything that doesn’t need to be on display, and anything that will fit! 

Once you become accustomed to having bedside tables you’ll find the extra drawers or cupboard space very handy. Typically people choose to put night-time medications, hand creams, books, chargers, sleep masks, glasses, pyjamas and clothes in their bedside drawers. 

Bedside drawers can be a great place to stash all your small-item bedroom clutter, leaving your sleep space feeling fresh and clean, and definitely more conducive to a good night’s sleep.

How do you style a bedside table?

Matching bedside table lamps provide both a practical function and aesthetic appeal. You might want to accessorise with:

  • plants
  • ornaments
  • photographs, 
  • clocks, 
  • vases,
  • even books can look very stylish on your bedside tables. 

Choose just one or two homeware items to keep the look clean and simple.

How tall should a bedside table be?

Home design experts will tell you that the bedside tables should be about the same height as the mattress. But it’s your space, so if you find something taller or smaller that looks good, go for it! 

With pillowtop mattresses and mattress toppers such popular items, you may find some bedroom suites where the bedside tables don’t reach the top of the mattress, which is still fine.

Do bedside tables have to match the bed?

Beautifully stylish 3-piece or 4-piece bedroom suites create that important sense of ease and tranquillity in a bedroom. The look is refreshingly sleek, united and organised - which is how we want our sleep space to be. 

Bedroom suites with matching bedside tables are certainly a timeless trend for those reasons. But if you want to toss out the matchy-matchy concept and go rogue, creating your own unique look with bedside tables that don’t match the bed, why not?

While they don’t have to match, interior design experts do suggest that bedroom furniture items need to come together with complementary tones, textures and styles. Try to find commonality in the features, for example timber bedside tables with black powder coated metal handles on the drawers may work with a black, powder-coated metal frame bed.

You can use the colours, fabrics, textures in your accessories such as rugs, cushions and artwork to tie various elements in the room together. 

Bedside Table Ideas

Looking for oak bedside tables with a difference? The stunning Mokena bedside tables feature two angled legs and two drawers, made from natural oak timber and oak veneer - perfectly paired with the Makena queen bed.

The Archie is quite unique in that it is a round bedside table in oak veneer with a distinctly Scandi style. Check out the Archie in a matte black bedside table for an edgy vibe or in a white bedside table to complement any white piece of bedroom furniture.

Modern styles with a difference include the Briggs in black powder coated steel and white lacquered MDF while the Boatwood has two drawers, four legs and a trendy coastal streak peppered with shabby chic. Also available in a queen bed and a tall chest, the Boatwood bedside tables look great as part of a suite.

At Amart Furniture online and in store, you’ll find tonnes more bedside table ideas to suit your budget and bliss out your bedroom!