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King single mattresses - the perfect in-betweener!

If you’re considering whether to buy a king single mattress as opposed to a single mattress or a double mattress, then you might find the middle-ground option - the king single mattress - delivers way more benefits than both.

What are the benefits of a king single bed?

Reasons for choosing a king single bed include:

  1. King single beds are a great choice when you need a wider and longer bed for one person than a standard single bed can provide.
  2. King single size mattresses are great for tall or bigger-built children, growing teens and adult overnight guests.
  3. King singles are often a more comfortable solution for tall kids than upgrading from a single bed to a double bed, because they provide more length than double beds as well as a little more width than single beds.
  4. When a single bed is just too small but you don’t have enough floorspace for a double, king single mattress dimensions deliver the perfect space for solo sleeping without dominating the floorspace.

What is the size of a king single mattress?

Standard king single mattress measurements are 107cm x 203cm which makes king single mattress sizes wonderfully unique and very practical.

At 203cm king single size mattresses provide the same length as long single, queen, king and super king mattresses. They are wider than single mattresses and long single mattresses, but not as wide as double, queen, king or super king mattresses.

You can browse the different mattress sizes with our mattress size guide.

What is the best king single mattress to buy?

Our extensive collection of mattresses is designed to provide you with a wide choice of designs and price points to suit your needs and budget, so that you can discover the best king single mattress for you, your family or overnight guests.

Tailored to all comfort-level preferences, you’ll find our ‘mattress feel’ categories include:

  • Extra Firm mattresses
  • Firmmattresses
  • Medium mattresses
  • Plush mattresses
  • Ultra Plush mattresses

With so many comfort levels available you won’t find it hard to discover your goldilocks king single mattress - that’s the one that feels just right!

Because quality support, durability and craftsmanship are just as important as comfort, popular leading mattress brands available from Amart include:

What size mattress should I buy for my child?

A mattress for your kids should provide good spinal support for their growing bodies. This means it does need to be updated as they physically mature through the growth stages from pre-schooler to upper primary and into their teen years.

While a bed base and king single mattress for toddlers might seem like overkill, as your child grows taller the length of a traditional single mattress and base may not be adequate. This means that down the track you are not only replacing a mattress, but a bed base as well.

If you anticipate a taller than average child, you could start your toddler in a single bed then upgrade to a king single mattress and base later, or you can simply move them from cot to king single bed and just update the king single mattress as they mature. You can shop our range of kids beds and bedroom furniture online.

What type of mattress is best for my body?

While the mattress is a very important component, the bed base is the other half of the equation. Determining the best mattress to buy for your body is often influenced by the type of bed base you choose, so start with the base and then choose an appropriate mattress.

Before buying your mattress, check out our range of king single ensembles and bed bases and consider the features they offer:

  1. King single bases with drawers for storage
  2. Orthokinetic base design made with reinforced steel grid construction
  3. Trundle beds which convert to two king singles and elevate to create one big double bed such as the Sealy Singles Bounty base
  4. Adjustable motion bases such as the Pure Form Hera King Single Motion bed package which includes the mattress
  5. Quality ensemble king single bed bases

When you’ve determined the king single base you prefer, you’re ready to choose a king single mattress made with the following options:

  1. Pocket spring support structure
  2. Additional support from latex or memory foam comfort layers
  3. Gel-infused cores
  4. Memory foam core bases with gel infusions
  5. Pillow top comfort layers

If you’re looking for mattresses for bad backs, consider those endorsed by chiropractic or osteopathic associations such as the Orthokinetic Apollo Medium or a mattress designed for spinal alignment support such as the Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite Claremont Cushion Firm.

Where can I find king single mattress protectors and toppers?

Along with quilts, sheets, pillows and quilt cover sets you’ll find king single mattress protectors and memory foam or gel infused foam toppers online and at an Amart Furniture store near you. Our selection of bedroom manchester and accessories has everything you need to create the perfect king single bed for a blissful night’s sleep.