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Your new table lamp should be decorative as well as practical. To find the perfect piece that suits your style and lighting requirements, shop online and discover our large range of desk lamps, table lamps and bedside lamps from the Amart range.
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Let there be (ambient) light!

Did you know that the type of lighting chosen for a room has a significant impact on the mood of the space? Lamps offer so much more than a practical means to see what you’re doing. They create the opportunity for casting a soft mood in your living room, diffusing a calm mood in your bedroom, and a cosy vibe in your dining space. They are a subtle way to build on the interior design style you want in your home.

Why you need a desk lamp

Desk lamps are excellent for carrying out desk work in your home office without causing eye strain. They cast light onto the space where you’re positioned, often alleviating the need to switch on your ceiling spotlights or wall lights.

You can choose between a decorative lamp or an LED light bulb on an adjustable swing arm or boom arm style lamp for directing light exactly where you’d like it.

If you’re looking for the perfect desk or storage furniture for your home workspace, check out our office furniture range.

Floor lamps vs table lamps

Floor lamps are freestanding and can vary in height from 1.5m to 2.4m. They’re a great way to brighten up the corner of a room or position next to an armchair. There are three main types of floor lamps:

  1. Short Floor Lamps: The shade is just above shoulder height when a person is seated.
  2. Average Floor Lamps: Measure between 1.5m - 1.8m high. The shade is around eye level when you are standing.
  3. Tall Floor Lamps: These are oversized floor lamps, often in an arc or tripod style, that measure up to 2.4m tall and look great in large rooms with tall ceilings.

Table lamps, as the name describes, sit on tables and other flat surfaces such as side tables, console tables, sideboards/buffets, hallway tables, bedside tables, dressers and desks.

Ceramic table lamps for living areas

Table lamps with ceramic bases can be as diverse as a glossy shell pattern to a mottled, matt finish and an urn shape to an hourglass. This means that, in the styling world, this one material can be shaped into a design that matches whatever look you’d like to match.

So, when choosing a ceramic table lamp, look to your other light choices for inspiration. Do you have some French Provincial-style pendant lights nearby? Or perhaps a beautiful chandelier? Your lamp choice should match your other statement lighting pieces either in style, material or shape for a cohesive look.

Types of table lamp bases

Modern table lamp designs include a wide variety of styles to match the different interior design choices we choose for our homes.

A big part of the style of a table lamp is determined by its style of lamp base. In any range of table lamps, you’ll find:

  • Ceramic table lamps - available in a huge range of shapes, styles and finishes.
  • Glass table lamps - glass lamps can suit almost any style of decor.
  • Brass table lamps - where either the base is brass with a different material for the shade or both the shade and base are brass.
  • Touch table lamps - Handy for turning on and off without reaching for the switch and often available with a dimmable setting.
  • LED table lamps - great for task lighting.

Matching a table lamp to your style

Whether you’re choosing a lamp for form or function, it will look best if it matches the style of your decor.

The coastal style favours natural materials like rattan or jute lampshades on a neutral-coloured lamp base like you see in the Bayfront Table Lamp.

For Hamptons and traditional style decor, glass or ceramic table lamp bases in cream, white or blue with a light-coloured lampshade like the Lailar Table Lamp would be a great choice.

Art deco style lends itself nicely to an antique brass or antique silver lamp. While glam luxe calls for luxury finishes like crystal table lamps or the Nova Table Lamp with a chrome base.

You can change the look of your interiors when you mix and match table lamps, floor lamps, mirrors, vases, rugs and artwork from Amart’s home decor range.

Visit one of our showrooms to check out our new arrivals and see what lamps we pair with our furniture settings. Or shop online using our filters to narrow your search to the style you want. You could try adding the lamps you like to your wishlist and comparing them there before making your final selection.

How do you choose the right lamp for your space?

Table lamps can be discreet or make a statement depending on the style you choose and its location.

If you’d like your table lamp to quietly complement your living room furniture, go for something in a style and colour that blends with your walls and furnishings like a linen shade on a neutral-coloured lamp base. Alternatively, if you’d like your lamp to be a statement piece, go for strong features like the Kalapana Table Lamp with a glass pineapple-inspired base.

Table lamps for different rooms

What sort of lamps do you need in your home? Here’s how most people like to use them:

  • Table lamps and floor lamps in your living room so you can switch off your ceiling lights for a softer mood.
  • Hallway lamps to brighten your hall or entry foyer.
  • Bedside table lamps and floor lamps for reading in bedrooms.
  • Desk lamps for home offices and study nooks.

Ambience and practicality in your living room

People spend a lot of time in the living room, so it’s important to get lighting that not only sets the ambience you desire but is also adequate as task lighting for activities like reading, sewing, watching tv, or just spending time together.

A living room gets a style update relatively often. This could be made with small furniture pieces like an ottoman or coffee table or some homewares like cushions.

A new table lamp for your side table or console table is an excellent way to subtly refresh your living room.

Lamps for your bedroom

If you’re like most people, you want a bedside table lamp. They’re the perfect height next to your bed and mattress for reading and they prevent you from having to get up and switch off your wall light before going to sleep.

If you have a large bedroom, you could also add a floor lamp, perhaps next to an armchair in the seating zone of your bedroom. A dresser is also a great location for a small table lamp, improving your light when you are getting yourself ready to head out.

Brighten your dining room

Picture it, you’ve just sat down in your dining chair ready for a meal. Then someone turns the ceiling lights off and a table lamp on. Instantly, the dining room mood is transformed from the bright setting of your regular daily dinner to a calm, intimate environment.

A dining room is a perfect place for creating a warm, welcoming glow with a lamp. You could place a table lamp on your buffet or display cabinet and a floor lamp in the corner of the room for the perfect amount of illumination.

Buying a table or floor lamp for your living spaces is easy at Amart, Australia’s favourite furniture retailer, where you can shop for furniture and home decor online or in-store.