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Ottomans take many shapes and sizes and can be with or without backs or arms. Storage ottomans can be an upholstered couch or small cushioned seat, table, or footstool with a lid and hollow inside for storage of pillows, magazines or other items.
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Grey Storage Bench

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Storage Bench

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Storage Bench

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It’s the simple furnishing with huge appeal

Your living space should call out to you and invite you to sit down, relax, and put your feet up. Nothing does this better than a comfortable and well positioned ottoman in your lounge room, bedroom, sun room, or other special corner of your home.

What is a storage ottoman?

An ottoman is a multipurpose piece of furniture. It can be used for seating, as a footrest, for storage, or as a stand-in table for magazines or phones. The most common type of ottoman is the storage ottoman similar to a chest and used for storing things. Ottomans are useful as living room furniture, bedroom furniture, basement furniture, or in the playroom. Ottomans can also be part of a matching lounge set for formal lounge room appeal.

Ottomans come in different shapes to meet the needs of your room.

  1. The Rectangle - A rectangular ottoman is a versatile furnishing. These ottomans have storage space to hold a lot of gear and come in multiple sizes. They can also be used for extra seating in the family room.
  2. The Circle - A round storage ottoman is a great choice for the family room. These ottomans can have a hard top or soft top, plus storage underneath
  3. The Square -Less common than rectangular ottomans, but equally as useful. You can even have two square storage ottomans for footrests or use them for storage in discreet corners.

How should a storage ottoman be used

The ottoman has come a long way in today’s homes and there are lots of uses for the cushion you rest your feet upon. Ottomans may be the missing piece of your lounge room puzzle, so don’t overlook this handy space-saving furniture. Here are 9 ways to use an ottoman to enhance your room.

  1. Shared Seating: Ottomans are great for apartments and open layout homes. Your ottomans can share the space to make sure everyone is comfy. You can even push the ottoman against a wall and use bolster pillows for an extra seat.
  2. The original and best footrest: The ottoman tradition will never change. Choose footrest ottomans according to the size of your room and couches.
  3. Storage in disguise: Every living room needs space for storage of small items such as remote controls, game controllers, magazines or toys. Disguise your clutter beautifully with a stylish ottoman.
  4. Visual appeal: Stylish shapes and configurations make ottomans fun and appealing for adults and children. Ottomans are luxury furniture for all the family to enjoy.
  5. Hydration at hand: Place a drink tray and remote on the ottoman beside your recliner and you have it all. Ottomans are versatile, practical, and attractive.
  6. Kid-friendly: Ottomans made from hard-wearing fabrics such as denim or tweed are good for kids to sit and play on top of. They can even be used for board games.
  7. Colour co-ordinate: The introduction of ottomans is a great time to add colour or contrast to your room. Blend in or go bold, it’s your call.
  8. The wow-factor: There are lots of ottoman designs and shapes to choose from, including long ottomans with rich fabrics for extravagant appeal in affluent homes.
  9. Just relax: Your ottoman can be an alternative lounging area in a sunny nook. Look for oversized ottomans for ultimate relaxation.

Do all ottomans have storage?

Ottomans were originally invented as comfortable foot stools. This type of ottoman is still extremely popular as an accessory with recliner chairs, armchairs, accent chairs, and lounge suites. Footstool ottomans are smallish and purpose-built for feet rather than storage. However, all ottomans are multi-functional. Great storage ottoman choices at Amart Furniture include:

Reign Grey Upholstered Storage Bench

126 cm long, the Reign Grey Storage Bench adds extra storage space and sitting space in your living area. This storage ottoman has a back and arms, soft fabric covering and tufted button detailing.

Mercade Pink Storage Bench

Add glamour and flair to your room with a Mercado ottoman storage bench. This curved bench in soft pink velvet and textured detailing is the perfect addition to any fashionably modern room.

Mons Unicorn Storage Stool

Introduce a touch of fantasy with the Mons Unicorn Ottoman. This fun stool is perfect for the kid’s bedroom or playroom, and includes a handy storage compartment. Constructed with rubberwood legs and soft fabric for cuddly entertainment.

Imogen Linen or Velvet Storage Bench

For luxury ottoman style, don’t go past the Imogen Large Storage Ottoman Bench. With attractive timber legs and upholstered in linen or velvet, plus an easy-lift handle, this is more than just an ottoman, it’s a practical statement piece.

How high should your storage ottoman be?

Ottomans are relatively low furnishings originally designed for resting your feet on. They are very popular as apartment living room furniture. A small storage ottoman is generally no higher than a coffee table or side tables. It’s the right height to act as an additional table or chair whenever required. Remember not to stack your ottoman too full or it will become difficult to move.

How do you choose the right storage ottoman for your space?

This will depend on the way you use the ottoman. If it is mostly a footstool, you will need to measure your room and couch to ensure there is enough space. Ottomans can go in almost any room, making them a valuable addition to home storage space. Buy ottomans online or in-store at Amart.

Wherever possible, choose ottomans that multi-task for both comfort and storage solutions. For example, an end of bed ottoman for extra bedding, or a storage ottoman for shoes near the front door. Find the perfect storage ottoman box at Amart Furniture, then when the room is set up just the way you want it, you can sit down, relax, and put your feet up.