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Discover the science of sleep with Amart Furniture's exclusive range of Orthokinetic mattresses. Combining superior technology with quality materials, these mattresses encourage the kind of deep sleep that will have you waking up refreshed, each and every day.

The Orthokinetic range consists of two segments: Luxury and Support. Both of these segments incorporate a number of key features that will help you get the perfect night's sleep.

Cool air technologies circulate air throughout the mattress, ensuring that your body temperature remains stable and that you stay in a state of slumber during those warm summer nights. To minimise tossing and turning, as well as partner disturbance, specially designed springs maximise skeletal alignment and act independently of each other. To provide you with a truly comfortable sleep, quality postural support relieves pressure on both the spine and tired muscles, while traditionally handcrafted mattresses feature only the finest upholstery layers.

Appearing in a variety of sizes, including King, Queen and double, you're sure to find a mattress that will fit your bedframe. The Orthokinetic collection of mattresses also features a number of different support styles, from firm to plush, so you can ensure your body gets the support and comfort it deserves, no matter what kind of sleeper you are.

The mattress you choose will have a huge impact on your quality of life. To take advantage of Orthokinetic's fantastic range of quality mattresses and to get night after night of blissful sleep, shop online through the Amart Furniture website or visit us directly in-store today.

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