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Work won’t feel like work with a student desk from Amart! Discover office furniture for every need and budget, including computer desks with storage drawers, height adjustable standing tables and gaming desks that fit multiple screens.
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Shop student desks in white, dark and natural

Whether you’re working from home on the laptop, studying, gaming, reading, writing or something else, a student desk is the ideal piece of furniture to get it done. Combining practicality with comfort, these desks make a sturdy surface to place your equipment on and give you a place to sit or stand while you are working or relaxing.

Amart’s student desks are just what you need to enhance your workspace and get tasks done the way you want. Find a desk that suits your needs, budget and decor, from basic desks with storage in espresso to standing desks in crisp white to match the whiteboard. We’ve also got stunning natural student desks with drawers that are sleek and modern for any contemporary space.

Decorate your home office with stylish decor

Your home office is where you will likely do the majority of your work and study so you need to feel comfortable in it. When it comes to stylish home decor, it’s all about your individual style. Do you prefer a modern and minimal workspace? Or an artsy workspace filled with plants and wall art? Think about what inspires you most and choose decor that reflects this. You might consider:

  • Wall art
  • Artificial plants
  • An office desk lamp
  • Woven rug
  • Cushions
  • Curtains or blinds
  • Wall mirrors
  • Wall shelves

Shop Amart’s best-selling desks & tables

Need a computer desk that will support a multiple computer setup? How about a small laptop table for rooms with limited space? Amart is your one-stop-shop for student desks, laptop desks, gaming desks, storage desks and more for the home office.

Shop our stylish, compact desks with a melamine surface and metal legs, perfect for holding the essentials. We’ve also got larger desks with drawers for plenty of storage in bold espresso and modern natural colours that fit into larger offices and are easy to assemble.

Choose a study desk with storage

A storage desk is ideal if you have plenty of small accessories and stationary items that tend to clutter up your desk surface. Keep a clean and tidy workspace by storing them in the drawers when you’re not using them. Discover storage desks at Amart that have two drawers for keeping everything from files and papers to pens, pencils and sticky tape. Our espresso desk has an additional shelf compartment that you can use to store boxes, books and more.

Support your posture with a standing desk

Sick of being hunched over all day while you work or study? An ergonomic standing desk could be the answer. Standing desks have a fixed height that’s just made for standing while sit stand desks are height adjustable and give you the option to add a high desk chair for when you want to sit instead. Standing while working is considered to be much healthier for your body in the long term and these desks are a great investment if you sit for long periods in the day.

Store your paper & office supplies on your computer desk

The right student desk will have a large enough surface to accommodate all of the office supplies you need during the day. If you’re someone who uses a lot of paper, pens and pencils, consider buying a larger desk that will allow you to spread everything out and use them as needed. When you’re done, a storage desk provides you with drawers to safely stow them away until next time.

The ideal storage, shape and size for home office furniture

With the right home office, work doesn’t have to feel like work! Here are some handy factors to consider when buying home office furniture for different types of workspaces:

  • Shape - Some shapes take up more room than others. A round table is best for big offices while a corner table top will fit nicely into an office with limited space.
  • Size - This depends on the size of your office. A compact stand table is great for small spaces, while a home office desk with storage drawers is ideal for larger spaces.
  • Storage - Keep your office spick and span by choosing a storage desk with shelves and drawers for storing paper, supplies and other accessories.

Make the most of your space with a corner desk

Corner desks are perfect if you have limited space in your home office. They’re compact and designed to fit neatly into any corner of the room. They’re also great for home offices that are oddly shaped. Save space with a stylish corner desk from Amart, including gaming corner desks with space for multiple screens and a corner desk with hutch for plenty of storage on shelves and in pull-out drawers.

Choose home office furniture that will match your interior

Create a unified home office by choosing a student desk that matches your existing interior. White desks are clean and modern, perfect for contemporary spaces. Do you have natural bookcases in your office? Choose a natural student desk to complement them. If your workspace is big enough to fit lounges, sofas and ottomans, select a desk in a similar colour and style.

What height should a student's desk be?

For most adults, the ideal height for a student desk is between 73cm - 80cm. However, this depends on your own height. The ergonomic standing desk riser at Amart is one of our best sellers and is height adjustable so that you can tailor it to your needs.

How much does a student desk cost?

Amart have student desks for every budget, starting from as low as $49. If you’re after a larger student desk with storage, we have $299 desks that come with drawers for holding your stationary and accessories. Many of our desks and tables also come with a warranty for total peace of mind. Tick a student desk off your wishlist today and checkout online with fast delivery to your address. You can also visit our many showrooms across Australia and pick up your desk, including in major cities like Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney as well as regional areas across NSW, QLD, VIC and more.