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Quality Queen Bed Bases & Queen Bed Ensembles

Whether you opt for a queen size ensemble or a queen bed frame and a queen size mattress, you will discover how a good night’s sleep should feel when you buy a queen bed from our leading brand bed collections.

What is a queen bed base?

Beneath your queen size mattress lies a queen bed frame, the base for your entire bed. A queen bed and base come in different forms with different inclusions. Starting from a basic queen bed frame without a bedhead, foot or storage, you can also find:

Bedroom furniture isn’t included when you buy a queen bed base, unless you choose to buy a queen size bedroom suite which includes a bed and matching bedroom storage furniture.

Mattresses and bedding are also not sold with bed bases or bedroom suites. You can find the perfect plush, medium or firm mattress for you in a range of quality mattresses sold separately along with bedroom furniture and bedding accessories such as manchester and pillows.

How big is a queen bed base?

The dimensions of queen beds sit between double beds and king size beds. In the broad range of queen size beds available in-store and online at Amart’s bedroom furniture department, you’ll find slight differences in sizes depending on the design.

Noting that the standard bed sizes relate to mattress dimensions not bed frames, the standard size for a queen bed mattress measures approximately 153cm wide x 203cm long - so queen bed frames are just a little bigger with some variations due to design.

How do you assemble a bed base?

Amart beds arrive ready to assemble, and include simple assembly instructions which will vary from product to product. You can use our store locator to find Amart stores with assembly services provided if you need, but many bed frames require little more than screwing the legs and potentially a bed head into the frame.

What is a queen bed ensemble?

A queen ensemble base presents in two ways:

  1. A simple queen bed ensemble base such as the Orthokinetic Queen Ensemble Base is designed to provide additional support to a queen mattress.
  2. A queen ensemble which combines the supportive bed base and a quality, matching queen mattress such as the Sealy Perfect Balance Haven (Plush) Queen Ensemble.

Queen ensembles have no headboard, foot or side frames. You can select an upholstered queen headboard to attach to your queen ensemble bed however.

Is an ensemble or bed frame better?

Neither is better - it’s a matter of personal preference.

Queen bed ensembles can provide good support and be a cost effective way to build a bedroom setting from scratch. Unless you add an upholstered bedhead, the bedding is the visible feature with an ensemble bed.

Ensemble beds offer no underbed storage space, but you can find storage drawers in some queen bed ensembles such as the Orthokinetic Classic with a 2 drawer bed base.

A bed frame adds an element of style via the visible bedhead, foot or sides.