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Home Decor Adds The Finishing Touch Of Personality And Style To Your Interiors

Home decor and accessories are the small items that knit together the style you have chosen for your home. They build on your choices of wall colours, flooring treatments, and furniture to create the mood and space you desire. We’ve put together a handy guide to curating the perfect decor for your home.

Home decor essentials to add to your living space

Homewares and accessories are the little additions that, collectively, come together to make a big impact and a beautiful home. Some pieces have both decorative and practical purposes, like vases, lamps, rugs, ottomans, curtains, and mirrors, and other pieces that are purely for injecting charm and personality into the space, like wall art, photo frames and home fragrance. Amart has home decor in all types of interior styles to enhance your living space.

Factors to consider when shopping for home decor

When shopping for home decor to go in your existing home, try to keep track of what you’ve already got so you can add pieces that will complement, rather than distract from them. If you’re decorating from scratch, start with larger home decor pieces like lamps and rugs in your chosen style, then add smaller things until you get a nice balance.

For example, if you’re accessorising your dining room, choose items like placemats, platters and wall art that work with the theme of your dining table and furniture. Then, if you have a display cabinet or sideboard for your glassware, cookware, and tableware, you can choose small decorative pieces to complement them like picture frames and vases.

When entertaining, you can dress up your tabletop with candle holders and plant greenery to set the mood for a grand feast amongst your cutlery, dinnerware and drinkware.

Different curtain styles - which one is best for you?

The first thing to consider when choosing curtains or blinds is first their function, then their style. Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself.


  • Is it a room you’d like to completely darken when necessary, such as a bedroom or home theatre?
  • Is privacy important in this room?
  • Is there strong sunlight coming through the window?


  • What style is your existing decor, or what is the look you’re aiming to achieve?
  • Curtains are soft and flowing and can add the impression of height to a room.
  • Blinds are sleek and minimal and sit snugly to your window frame.

Curtains and blinds both come in sheer and blockout fabrics. You can even mix the two mediums by having a blind as well as curtains or a double roller blind for total control of the light in your room.

Useful tips for buying home decor and accessories

If you’re like most people, knowing how to coordinate home decor items and decorative accessories can be a little daunting. How do you know if you can group a diffuser with a candle holder and a stack of coasters? Where is the best spot for a plant stand? We’ve put together some useful tips from interior designers:

  1. Quality - Hands down, the quality of the pieces you choose is more important than quantity. A paired back display of a few treasured pieces prevents your space from looking cluttered.
  2. Layers - Place large items first, then add medium and small items until you’ve achieved the balance you like.
  3. Textures and colours - Accessories add pops of interest to your backdrop of furniture, paint, and flooring choices. Colour and texture in current trends can be brought in through rugs, cushions, ottomans, and wall art, just to name a few.
  4. Collected over time - Buying all your accessories at the same time can result in a collection that’s lacking in depth. Buying special pieces over time injects more of your tastes and personality into your home.
  5. Refresh - Try putting a few things away in storage and adding a few fresh pieces to update the look.
  6. A clean slate - If you’re looking to start completely fresh with a new style, remove all your existing accessories and add them back in one by one. This will show you what is lacking.

Why you should add mirrors to your home

Interior designers suggest that one carefully selected mirror can have more impact on a room than several items of home decor. Here are some more great reasons why you should add mirrors to your home:

  1. The illusion of space – Mirrors can make a room feel larger, particularly foyers or small, awkward nooks and hallways.
  2. Brighten the space – Mirrors reflect the existing light in the room, essentially doubling the amount of light. Even a dark hallway can be lifted with the addition of a mirror.
  3. Make a statement – One large mirror can shape a whole space. Consider choosing a mirror and using it as the base for the rest of your décor choices.
  4. Ambience – The space and light created by a mirror can add a calm, friendly ambience to a room. It’s the perfect choice for a foyer to welcome you home each day.
  5. Hide imperfections – Is there an uneven or blemished section of the wall that would be best unseen? Not only will a mirror make it disappear, but it will also reflect more light in your room.

Lamp styles and designs

Lamps are a decor piece that will add warmth to your interiors while bringing in more of your chosen style. For example, Coastal and Hamptons styles lend themselves to striped ceramics, shell-inspired bases, rattan details and nautical-themed tripod floor and table lamps. Metallic finishes work well for glam, modern, or the currently trending Moroccan style. Or if you’re after something timeless and traditional, a ceramic or glass base with a white or cream shade will never date.

It’s also important to think about the function and location of your lamp. Is it for decoration - bringing warmth and brightening up a cosy nook? Or is it for a bedside table or a living room side table and could therefore be used for reading? Amart’s large range of table and floor lamps cater to many interior design styles so you’re sure to find something just right.

How to pick the perfect carpet or rug

Aside from knowing the measurements of the space where you’d like to put your new rug, there are a few other important factors you may wish to consider.

  • Style - What style is your decor? Coastal, industrial, traditional, Hamptons? Choose a rug that complements your chosen interior style or use it to set the style you’d like to create.
  • Colour - Would you like the rug to blend in or pop? Will this colour coordinate with existing colours in your space like walls and lounges?
  • Foot traffic - Is it a high or low-traffic area? High traffic needs a durable rug like synthetic, cotton, wool, or jute with a short to medium pile height. A low-traffic area would suit a plush, high-pile type that feels great underfoot.
  • Shape - Frame your space. Large spaces lend themselves to rectangles while small spaces, like an armchair and coffee table in the corner, can be highlighted or made more intimate with a circular rug.
  • Indoor or outdoor - Outdoor rugs are made of fibres that can withstand moisture and other harsh elements of the Australian climate. If you’d like a rug that can be used both indoors and outdoors, go for something flat weave made from jute or PVC.

Incorporating wall art into your home interior

Your choice of wall art is an opportunity to let your personality shine through and something that can affect your mood while looking at it. When selecting wall art for your home, first, choose something you love that matches the vibe of your space. For example, if you’re after wall art for the living room, consider the scene you’d like to set and the colours in your sofa and soft furnishings. You could even mix it up with a wall full of photo frames, a wall clock, favourite pictures, and some kids’ artwork.

In a bedroom, the most popular spot for wall decor is above the bed and opposite the bed. You might like to choose calm scenes and colours like the tropics, an ocean, or bushland greenery. Or for children’s rooms, look for fun wall prints to match our kids’ bedding range.

How to mix and match your home’s decorations

There are a few clever considerations to keep front of mind when mixing and matching your home’s decorations:

  1. Colour Palette - Select only a few colours and stick to them. The more you use those colours, the more their presence builds. In a bedroom, choose throws, rugs and cushions that complement your sheet sets, quilt cover and pillowcases.
  2. Theme - Don’t deviate too far from your theme. If you’ve gone for a luxe coastal look in your bathroom, your choice of plush bath towels, bath mats, candles and plants can cement your theme.
  3. Focal piece - Choose a large focal piece, like a floor lamp or rug, and build your theme on this with decorations.

Ultimately, go for items you like over items that impress. It’s your place and you should love it.

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What is the most popular colour in home decor?

In 2022, the most popular colour palette in home decor is green, from sage to eucalyptus. Shop Amart’s exclusive online range for homewares like wall art, plants, and cushions in shades of green.

What are some items that can be used to decorate a home?

Some of the most popular items for decorating a home include lamps, rugs, wall art, storage tubs, mirrors, clocks, cushions and throw rugs. In bedrooms, the best way to add colour and style that you can change with the season is quilt cover sets and bedding.