Have you ever wondered how to create the showhome-style glamorous and comfortable look? It’s all about the detail such as beautiful textured and toned accessories that contrast or complement your decor for effortless chic and stylish appeal.
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Upgrade to Eye-Catching with Striking Home Accessories

Decorative items can make a huge impact and transform a room into something special. Interior designers understand the influence of lighting, pillows, artworks and other decor, and now it’s your chance to let your inner decorator shine with Amart Furniture home accessories.

What are home accessories?

Home accessories are decorative items that attract the eye and improve the room’s ambience. Some decor accessories are purely ornamental, others are purposeful, and some combine both aesthetic and practical appeal. Cushions are a great example, offering comfortable and soft support while also introducing colours, patterns, textures and design elements to capture a specific look.

What are the best decorative home accessories?

Every Amart Furniture accessory has been hand selected to deliver the wow-factor in Australian homes. Every home is different, giving you the opportunity to personalise decor styling your way. Examples of the best and most popular decorative home accessories include:

What are different home decor styles?

This is where you get to channel your inner home decorator. You can choose to coordinate home decor trends for a particular mood or ambiance by using similar textures, tones and designs. Alternatively, you can contrast decorative accessory colours and materials to create a unique experience in every room. Trending home decor styles include:

  • Scandi style with a fresh, no-fuss, minimalist appeal
  • Bold, edgy and solid industrial style
  • Beach inspired vibes for a coastal decor theme
  • Rustic appeal featuring raw and rugged beauty
  • The cool, classic, upmarket Hamptons style
  • Contemporary designs displaying sleek lines and smooth finishes

Decorative decor such as cushions, rugs, coffee tables, side tables, wall art, mirrors, candle holders and vases alongside functional lounges, dining suites and bedroom furniture can tie all the elements together in home decor heaven.

How do you choose the right home accessories?

Inspiration is key and there are no hard and fast rules, but here are a few home decor accessories ideas to get you started.

  • Browse furniture and decor specific for your chosen room.
  • Choose a preferred decor style: classic, contemporary, bold, minimalist, etc.
  • Visit your nearest Amart Furniture store for first-hand appraisal of complementary homewares and accessories. Alternatively, shop online from the comfort of home.

If your aim is to create a specific look without replacing your existing lounge room, living room or bedroom furniture, focus on accessorizing those items first. Use colours, textures, fabrics and patterns to bring your lounge, dining, and bedroom furniture to life.

What are the most common home decor accessories?

Amart modern home accessories are anything but common, and your aim should be to positively influence the mood and energy of the room you are decorating. It’s important to choose decor that works for your household and lifestyle, from quality brands such as Perago.

Select home decor products such as artworks, rugs, throws, cushions, sculptures, mirrors, vases, shelf accessories and ornaments that reflect your personality and identity. Your home is your special place to escape, relax and recharge, so feeling at ease and as one with your surroundings is important.

If you are a minimalist, Scandi style may be perfect. If busy home decor lifts your spirits, don’t hold back. Home decor items are an opportunity to exhibit your personal home accessories styling, and the extensive range of homewares and decorative home ideas at Amart Furniture gives you the opportunity to be yourself and transform your home into the one you always wanted.