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Lounges are among the most important home and lifestyle purchases you will make. Amart Furniture is where Australians go for the widest selection of high-quality sofas, couches and recliner lounges in classic and contemporary styles, priced for every budget, so let’s get the search started!
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Lounges for your perfect space

Eye-catching lounge room design is a balance of function and style. With Amart, you can channel your interior decorating skills with colour, material, layout, size and utility. Everyone has their own comfy or quirky vibe to stylise, and Amart has the furniture to create a perfect living room space for relaxation, reading, watching TV, or entertaining friends. It makes sense to explore lounges that suit your lifestyle and personality.

But first, there are eight questions worth asking:

  1. What is the room used for?
  2. Is it a place for relaxation, entertainment, or both?
  3. Who lives in the home?
  4. Are there any children?
  5. What mood are you wanting to create in the room?
  6. Are you aiming for classic, contemporary, light, airy, intimate?
  7. What is the focal point in the room?
  8. Is the room mostly used for watching TV, snacking, hanging out with friends and family, or simply putting your feet up in luxury?

Lounges are a long-term investment in comfort, so take a little time to explore all Amart has to offer and get the perfect lounge room furniture for your home.

Lounges that will transform your room

Everyone has high hopes that their new lounge will be the perfect feel and fit. Before moving on, take some time to consider lounge types and sizes to get the perfect match for your home. Lounge options include:

Lounge styles

If you have a layout planned, it’s time to explore lounge styles. From single seater armchairs to plush leather sofas and 3 seater lounge suites with corner chaise, Amart has a lot to explore. The size of your living space will influence your decision, but shouldn’t limit options.

  • Apartment living: The smaller space doesn’t mean you should skimp on luxury. Amart Furniture options include contemporary 2-seater sofas, fabric sofa beds, corner chairs and fabric recliners that add a touch of class in modern apartments and units.
  • Spacious relaxation: A large living room can be totally transformed Amart style. Customise your room with a matching lounge suite plus ottoman. Jazz up the space with cushions, rugs, throws, or an accent chair for contrast.
  • Indoor/outdoor living is at its finest when you include inviting outdoor lounge settings and sun lounges. Bring the great outdoors home to your own backyard with Amart outdoor furniture.

Customise your couch

Australians expect lots of choices when it comes to couches and sofas. At Amart, you get to tailor selections for your space in a number of ways. Size of your room: It’s a good idea to measure your living room prior to purchasing, especially if you are considering a recliner couch or large chaise lounge. There should be adequate airflow and space for the movement of people around the room.

  • Your size: Visit an Amart Furniture showroom for a custom size test of your favourite lounges. Take the time to sit back, relax, put your feet up, and experience the comfort of a made-to-measure couch for your body shape.
  • Style: This is another area where Amart stands out. Our lounge style range extends from lightweight and portable chairs for the library, to the Signature Collection of high-end suites and Chesterfield sofas that look right at home in classy contemporary homes. Fabric: Choose from a huge range of leather, leather alternative, and fabric materials/textures. Unleash your inner design expert with classic and modern patterns and styles for personalised living room expression.
  • Colour: The choices are all yours with Amart Furniture. Options include on-trend dark grey and neutral tones or bold colours for a statement effect. Alternatively, mix and match or contrast colours for highlighting.
  • Price: At Amart, we showcase quality, durable lounges from well-known manufacturers at prices regular Australians can afford. We are so confident of our products that we offer a ‘satisfaction guarantee’ returns policy if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase. Check in regularly for latest offers and special deals.

Lounge features

Modern lounges include features designed for entertainment as well as relaxation. Some Amart lounges are perfect for home cinema and gaming, while others focus on maximum luxury. Electric recliners can include unlimited adjustment for optimal back support, and can even host USB ports for connecting with devices. Here are lounge features to look for.

  • Lumbar support cushioning
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Supportive armrests
  • Multi-position footrest
  • Electric or manual recliner lounge operation
  • Pockets, drink holders
  • Full-horizontal recline
  • Swivel-function
  • Day bed options

Amart Furniture ticks all the right boxes with savvy Australian shoppers. When lounge quality, design and price converge at the right point, that’s where you will find the best value Amart Furniture for every type of Australian home. Shop online or in-store, and transform your living room with unbeatable quality and value.

Which type of sofa is the best?

There’s a lot to choose from at Amart, so now is a good time to tailor your wishlist. Options could include a recliner sofa or entire recliner suite with reversible chaise. For apartment living a 2 seat sofa, 3 seater corner sofa, or sofa bed could be ideal.

What is the latest trend in sofas?

Tiny homes and smaller spaces are trending, with cute couches to match, but homes in Australia come in all shapes and sizes. Amart Furniture celebrates diversity with the latest sofa design trends for every type of Australian home, from fold out couches for tiny homes to home theater suites for larger spaces. There are lots of style trends available these days, and here are some of the favourites with Amart Furniture customers.

  • Classic
  • Coastal
  • Contemporary
  • French Provincial
  • Industrial
  • Luxe
  • Mid Century
  • Retro
  • Scandinavian
  • Urban

What is the difference between a lounge and a couch?

The word ‘lounge’ derives from a French term meaning ‘long chair’, so lounges longer furnishings. Couches and sofas are often shorter, with less seating, although the words lounge and couch are sometimes interchangeable.

What is a modular sofa?

Modular sofas are made up of moveable sections called modules. Modular lounge suite ideas include reversible chaise lounge formations and multi-seater corner lounge furniture.

How do I pick the right couch?

The first step is to make a wishlist, then explore Amart Furniture lounges, armchairs, sofas and couches online or in-store. We have a huge range of leather lounges, fabric lounges, and other living room furniture to choose from, so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. Some of our top lounge furniture products for 2022 include:

Enjoy highest quality living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture and more, including a comprehensive warranty and lowest available price guarantee. It’s easy to see why Amart Furniture is Australia’s favourite furniture retailer, so visit your nearest showroom today and put your feet up!