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Set the mood with our range of candle holders, candlesticks, tealight holders and lanterns in a variety of home décor styles from glam to traditional. Choose from ceramic, glass, brass, and iron materials when you shop candle holders online at Amart.
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Buy candle holders online at Amart

The gentle flicker of candlelight has been creating a soothing ambience for centuries. And while centuries ago a candle was a necessity because electricity wasn’t invented, they still would have set some nice scenes. Like a candlelit bath or lining the dining table of a celebratory feast. In today’s modern times, we have the luxury of choosing candles and candle holders for decoration and enjoyment. Here at Amart, we have a rather lovely range to suit the home décor in your living room, bathroom, or any other room.

Discover the range of candle holders at Amart online

One of the great things about shopping online with Amart is that it takes the guesswork out of deciding if a product will suit your home décor. That’s because the picture and product specifications provide enough information to work out if the colours and dimensions are the right fit. For example, if you love the colour in your wall art or a quilt cover you have at home and want to get a candle holder and other homewares in that colour too, you can do this easily online, rather than guessing in-store. Simply add it to your cart and head to the checkout.

Browse our tealight holders, glass hurricane candle holders, votive candle holders and candle holder sets online to discover a perfect match for your home.

Short and tall candle holders for every style

Create a stunning centrepiece for a romantic dinner with short and tall candle holders. Paired with placemats and a table runner, you can set the scene at your dinner table for a long night dining with your nearest and dearest.

Or group a few short and tall candle holder sets together in your living room to set a soft mood for a relaxing night at home.

Candle holders in a range of styles & finishes

You’re sure to find something you love in the extensive range of candle holder styles in matte or gloss finishes at Amart. Our collection includes:

  • Classic style - ceramic and glass candle holders
  • Moroccan style - featuring mosaic patterns
  • Boho style - various designs for the eclectic look
  • Glam luxe style - glass or metallic candle stands with a splash of gold
  • Hamptons and coastal styles - timeless pieces with a Capiz shell finish.

Pillar candlestick holders to suit your home décor

Pillar candlesticks look great in multiples. You can place them along the length of a dining table or group them. Many of our candlesticks are available in short and tall versions which create visual interest when displayed together. You could cluster them on a dining room buffet, wall shelf, side table, dresser or on a decorative tray in your bathroom.

Shop ceramic, glass & brass candle holders

Glass, ceramic, and brass are excellent materials for candle holders. Not only are they non-flammable they also catch the reflection of candlelight and bounce it back around your room, emphasising the ambient glow.

One of our favourite ways to style glass tealight holders is in multiples. You could choose some that match or go for an eclectic mix of various types. Glass and brass finishes complement each other with their shiny surfaces catching the light to draw your eye.

Make your next bath more relaxing with tealight candle holders

Can you think of anything nicer than slipping into a warm bath with the soft flicker of tealights from candle holders casting a warm glow? What a perfect way to unwind from a long day. Our tealight candle holders make a great gift idea. Give the gift of a calm candlelit experience to someone special with a candle holder from our range or a gift card so they can pick the style they love.

Style the areas in your home with an elegant candle holder

Small additions make a big difference. The homewares you add to your space bring lived-in warmth and personality to your home. Candle holders and other home décor pieces like wall art, decorative jugs and vases are great ways to add pops of your favourite accent colour to your space.

For more ideas on styling your home, head in-store to one of our 67 showrooms around Australia. Or check out the Style Lookbooks on our website for new products and best sellers at great prices.

A candle holder in every style, including glam luxe, boho or traditional

The diverse range of colours, materials and styles in our decorative accessories and candle holder ranges make it easy to match your style with beautiful homewares.

You’ll find our ceramic and glass candle holders will suit both traditional and luxe styles while our Capiz mosaic and painted timber candle holders would be perfect with boho, coastal and Moroccan-themed décor.

What materials are candle holders made from?

Candle holders can be made from various materials including wood, glass, ceramic, MDF, and metal. A popular way to showcase candles is by clustering a few different types together on a tray like the Alina Capiz Round Tray and displaying them as a centrepiece on a coffee table or ottoman.

Are there different types of candle holders?

There are various types of candle holders including tealight holders, glass hurricane candle holders, votive candle holders, taper candle holders and candelabra. Candle holders look beautiful on their own or displayed with other home accessories in your living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or outdoor setting.