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King Ensembles & Bed Bases

Do you love your king bed, but not how much space the frame takes up in your bedroom? King ensembles and bed bases are a great way to keep the big mattress you love, without taking up too much room.

Ensembles and bed bases are a sleek and streamlined alternative to bed frames. They keep your bedroom looking stylish while giving you more room to move around. They also make it easier to put new sheets on the bed – a task many king bed owners don’t look forward to! Enjoy the freedom to sleep in whatever position you please with a quality king ensemble or bed base from Amart Furniture.

Our Range of King Ensembles and Bed Bases

You’ll fall in love with our king ensembles and bed bases. We have styles to accommodate every level of support, so you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Amart Furniture.

Shop our impressive brands, including Orthokinetic, Perfect Balance, Orion, and Ease Support. Stocking some of the biggest brands in Australia, you can be confident of finding a quality king ensemble or bed base in our range.

Designed to suit any existing décor, our ensembles and bed bases come in black, charcoal, grey, and beige. Neutral tones make it easy to decorate your bedroom without causing a clash of colours.

Our King Ensemble Sizes and Dimensions

Sleep like a king on our king ensembles and bed bases, which measure around L 1830mm x D 2030mm x H 240mm. If you’re looking for another size, we also stock:

  • Single - L 910mm x D 1880mm x H 490mm
  • King single - L 1070mm x D 2030mm x H 470mm
  • Double - L 1370mm x D 1880mm x H 490mm
  • Queen - L 1530mm x D 2030mm x H 240mm

Check out our massive range of mattresses to finish creating the bedroom of your dreams!

Buy King Ensembles and Bed Bases in Store or Online

Finding your new king ensemble or bed base is easy with our convenient online shopping system.

Maybe you’d like to see our styles in person before making a purchase? Simply duck into your nearest store and start browsing!

With stores in every state, Amart Furniture makes it easy for all Australians to get a good night’s sleep. Whether you’re in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or Adelaide, our friendly team of experts can’t wait to help you find your ideal ensemble or bed base!

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