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Corner desks let you utilise every inch of your home office space with fabulous functionality and style! ... Shop our wide range of small space corner desks, corner office desks with drawers and corner desks with shelves to create the perfect work from home space in your home! Read more

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Organise your work from home space with practical and stylish corner office desks!

Our range of office corner desks will add a stylish presence to your home office space while meeting all your work from home needs.

What is a corner desk?

A corner desk is a one or two part desk providing the ultimate workspace effectively utilising any corner in your home office or living space.

Executive desks such as the Bolton Corner Desk feature a ‘return’ or side desk area which is a separate piece. Others like the Pewter Silverwood Corner Desk - a beautiful wooden corner desk - is designed for your office chair to be placed centrally, with equal workspace on either side.

Corner desks provide additional left and right hand desktop space, or a designated space for your desktop computer and a separate space for other office work. Our wide range includes small desks and large corner desks enabling you to create the ideal working environment within the available space.

How do you set up a corner desk?

There are three main benefits to corner desks:

  1. The effective utilisation of corner space in the room.
  2. The ability to organise two distinct work work areas.
  3. Increased space on both the left and right hand sides, as seen in the Silverwood and Padbury corner desk designs.

Typically, if the corner desk has a larger main desktop area it would be used for your main work function, with the narrower return desk area used as a secondary space.

Browse our full range of office furniture to find office storage solutions and office chairs to complement your corner desk.

If you choose an office corner desk with file drawers such as the Bolton or Padbury corner desks with file drawers you may not require extra filing cabinets or storage solutions, but if you choose the chic and sleek industrial design of the Quinn corner desk, you may need filing cabinets or bookcases to complement your office desk.

Are corner desks ergonomic?

Within our wide range of office furniture you’ll find ergonomic office desks such as standing desks and gaming desks. Corner desks are best accompanied by ergonomic office chairs to achieve the ideal ergonomic posture while seated.

Do corner desks save space?

Corner desks certainly can be the ideal way to effectively utilise a corner of the room and turn it into useful desk space. Whether a corner desk will save space in your working environment depends on the available space in the room and your specific needs.

When buying a home office desk consider all the space saving options such as:

  1. A corner desk with hutch such as the Enzo corner desk
  2. Corner desk storage options such as accompanying 3-drawer mobile pedestals or corner desks with built in shelves and drawer units.
  3. A standard office desk with additional office furniture pieces if that fits best with the layout of the available space.

Corner desk sizes

Whether you’re furnishing a study nook in your open plan area or a supersized home office, we have small desks and large corner desks to suit your space and your needs.

Designed to fit perfectly in rooms of varying dimensions you’ll find our corner desks range from:

  • as small as 1200mm x 1400mm
  • to a generous 1400mm x 2000mm
  • and 1500mm x 1500mm
  • to 1850mm x 1850mm

If you need a corner desk and office furniture to facilitate your work from home requirements or simply to create an effective home office space, you’ll find the perfect solution at Amart Furniture. Shop around and discover our range of office desks, including student desks, desks for your home office, desks with shelves, storage desks, laptop stands, and more!