Standing Desks

Standing desks are height adjustable desks providing both sitting and standing flexibility within work office spaces or home offices.... Discover the physical benefits of an ergonomic standing desk when you work from home, where small standing desks and corner standing desks can fit perfectly into small spaces. Read more

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Height Adjustable Standing Desks

Height adjustable desks, also known as sit stand desks or standing desks, provide the ability to adjust your work desk to the ideal heights for both sitting and standing. Why not browse our range of office furniture and convert your home office into an ergonomic workstation today?

What is a standing desk?

A standing desk simply means you have the option to be on your feet while working at your desk instead of being seated. Standing desks come in different forms:

  1. Taller than normal desks solely used to stand while working.
  2. Height adjustable standing desks that can be raised and lowered manually or electronically for sit and stand flexibility.
  3. A computer stand (or laptop stand) that converts any existing workstation to a height adjustable table top for both sitting and standing while working.

What are the benefits of a standing desk?

Exercise physiologists suggest that standing desk benefits may include increased productivity, weight management and decreased neck, back and shoulder issues relating to:

  1. Calorie burn
  2. Increased metabolic function
  3. Circulatory improvement
  4. Improved posture, joint and muscle flexibility

Whether you have an office or are working from home for long hours, choosing a standing desk means you will burn more calories and potentially reduce neck, shoulder and back pain than if you were using a seated desk for the same period.

Standing desks engage your back, core and leg muscles. It is thought that standing at your desk after eating a meal may also help your blood sugar levels to return to normal more quickly, so if you’re going to elevate your adjustable standing desk to standing height during the day, after lunch is the ideal time to do it.

How long should you stand at a standing desk?

The beauty of a sit stand desk is that you can raise and lower it to suit your needs. While standing all day isn’t recommended either, experts suggest that alternating time spent sitting at your desk and standing at your desk roughly every hour is ideal. So every one or two hours you that you sit at your desk try to spend the next hour standing.

How do you pick the best standing desk?

Taking time to work out which is the best standing desk design for you is important. Your decision might be influenced by things such as:

  • Size of your office space
  • Whether you need a desk with office storage
  • Size of your existing office desk
  • Whether you need a standing desk for laptop use, gaming use, or to study
  • Whether you need space for more than one computer monitor

If you have an existing desk and office chair the easy way to add the option to stand and work is by buying a manual standing desk riser. Operated by the press of a lever, these designs include a variety of features such as:

  • Manual conversion to raise or lower the desktop
  • Flat surface or second level keyboard shelf
  • Space for one or two computer monitors
  • Gas lift load bearing up to 16kgs
  • Cable management
  • Storage shelf
  • Height adjustment from flat up to 43cm

A second level keyboard shelf is handy if you use a PC or remote keyboard with your laptop. If you use a laptop with built-in keyboard then a height adjustable table with a flat surface will be sufficient.

Remember to consider how much space you need for extra items on your desktop such as files and a mobile phone and check that the height at full extension will put you in an ergonomically correct position with your arms at desk height and your head level, when standing.