Living Room Storage

A beautiful piece of living room storage furniture adds both home storage functionality and visual appeal to your home. Find living room storage ideas with ... built in shelving and glass display doors to complement your living and dining room furniture at Amart. Read more

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Living Room Storage Cabinets You’ll Love!

Not only are your treasured homewares items on display in a glass-fronted wall cabinet for living rooms, but our tall living room cabinets are beautiful furniture pieces themselves! Designed to complete a living or dining room furniture package and available for purchase separately, living room storage cabinets are functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing.

What is living room storage?

As the heart of the home and the place where it all happens, the living room is often where we end up with the most clutter. Living room storage furniture offers a solution for the storage and display of household items. Find the perfect storage furniture for a range of needs:

  1. If you have a young family, you might need toy storage for living rooms to keep the toys on hand, but stored out of the way when not being used.
  2. Living room shelves are used to display photographs, ornaments, books, treasured items and even small plants, giving your home a warm and welcoming vibe.
  3. A living room table with storage drawers is the perfect place to stash remote controls, magazines and other bits and pieces that don’t need to be on display.
  4. Tall living room cabinets might help to free up floor space if your living areas are cramped.

What are ways to create more storage in your living room?

Tall living room shelves and cabinets with glass doors provide comprehensive storage for decorative items while keeping them dust free and safely stored.

Storage cabinets are perfect for showcasing special items such as family keepsakes, ornamental collections, photos, books and more. Small items that don’t need to be displayed can be collectively kept inside decorative storage boxes popped on the display cabinet shelves.

Ideas for creating more living room storage opportunities include:

How do you organise a living room?

How do those glossy magazines present living rooms that look so inviting - yet there is no mess or clutter? Living room storage furniture is how!

Every living room has bits and pieces of everyday items:

  • Magazines
  • Books
  • iPads
  • Chargers
  • Remotes
  • Mail etc.

The secret to keeping these things on hand but without having a messy living room is by having living room organisation by way of furniture to keep those things safely stored out of sight. This might be coffee tables, side tables or accent tables with storage drawers, bookcases or even attractive living room storage boxes.

But you also need somewhere to store homewares and personal items that you DO want on display, such as treasured family photos, decorative accessories, small pot plants, favourite books. For these things you need a stunning glass-fronted display cabinet such as Kota, Settler, Silverwood or Le Franschhoek.

How do you style living room storage?

While some home storage furniture like display cabinets need little styling, you can add decorative accessories to living room tables with storage.

A cluster of three similar vases in different sizes is a popular way to style a table top, or an artificial plant which will leak no water, need no sunlight, never die and always look good on any side, accent or coffee table!

If you want to style a tall living room cabinet consider a trailing artificial plant such as a succulent bean leaf placed in a cute pot on top so that it trails down the side.