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Find the most comfy, relaxing and stylish sofa or chaise sofa to create a living room perfect for lounging about! Our extensive sofa ... collection boasts every design from a cute 2 seater sofa through to a modular chaise sofa bed with storage! Read more

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Ssshhhhh... sofas aren’t just for sitting - they’re for snoozing, lounging, relaxing, popping your feet up and being the best couch potato you can be! Check out our range of sofas and chaise sofas in all sorts of shapes, sizes, styles, materials and colours to find your ultimate chill-out piece of living room furniture.

What is a chaise sofa?

The term chaise sofa, or chaise lounge, has French origins. The literal translation is ‘chair long’, hence the extended length of the fixed-form chaise lounge enabling us to elevate our feet and legs without the use of a mechanical or electric reclining sofa.

While the original French ‘chaise’ was designed as one long chair, modern chaise lounges usually include two or more seats plus the chaise seat. In fact there are many configurations of a chaise sofa, including:

What are the different types of sofas?

Making it easy for you to find the perfect features in a design and size to suit your living space and your needs, our exciting range of sofas includes:

Are chaise sofas practical?

What could be more practical than a dual-purpose piece of living room furniture which lets you sit up to chat, read or watch TV and lay back for total relaxation?

When guests pop in the chaise can become two seats in the same way a sofa with ottoman stool is often utilised as extra seating. Chaise sofas offer an affordable alternative to a reclining sofa while adding interest and a new dimensional shape to your living space. Practical? We think so!

Still, choosing a chaise sofa in your living area may not be a practical choice if the lounge room shape or size isn’t ideal. Sometimes a pair of sofas or a corner sofa may provide the ideal layout for your living space considering the placement of doorways, windows and the television.

While you can find small chaise sofas, if your space is limited the chaise may restrict movement through the area, so measure your available floor space before shopping for a chaise lounge.

How do you style a chaise sofa?

The ultimate decorative accessories for placing on your sofas or chaise sofas are cushions. Plump, plush cushions create a soft and luxurious place to lay back and relax in comfort.

Keeping the chilled-out vibe going is easy-care greenery in the form of artificial plants, while plush floor rugs add a touch of decadence, style and warmth to your home decor.

Lamps mean you can adjust the lighting without having to move from your comfy spot on the lounge, while affordable ready-made blinds and curtains help to insulate the home and filter the light while you’re lounging about on your elegant chaise sofa!

Where can I buy a sofa or a chaise lounge?

Looking for a velvet chaise sofa, an on-trend grey fabric chaise sofa or a leather sofa with chaise? Whether you need a recliner chair, a large chaise lounge sofa or modular lounge furniture in any form, you’ll find it online and instore at your nearest Amart Furniture showroom.