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Theatre Suites

Bring some movie magic into your home with a great theatre suite!

Featuring side-by-side recliners, a theatre suite is the perfect addition to any movie lover's home. Just pop some popcorn, get your flick ready and then prepare to sit back and put your feet up! No longer will you have to share your favourite seat with anyone else, pay for movie tickets or leave the comfort of your very own home!

Amart Furniture's range of theatre suites features a number of different styles and designs, including leather, fabric and leather look suites. We also offer a variety of configurations, such as two seater theatre consoles and four seater suites, so you are sure to find an option that will meet your space and budget requirements.

Tips for Creating a Theatre Room

If you're setting up your own theatre, here are some basic tips to consider:

  • Pick a suitable room to make over – Take into account factors such as noise pollution and space. Not only do you want to watch your movie undisturbed, but you'll want some distance between yourself and the screen.
  • Lighting is key – Soft downlights will make you feel as though you're at a cinema.
  • Accessories – You don't want to clutter the room by any means, but a few framed movie posters will look right at home.
  • Comfort – Up the stakes with some cushions and blankets.
  • Can't wait to create a home theatre? Check out our impressive collection of theatre suites online or visit your local furniture superstore today to get started!

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