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Shop Amart’s range of functional living room furniture at your nearest showroom today. Our great range of wooden coffee tables come in round, square or rectangle to suit your style and we offer delivery Australia wide.
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How to select the right coffee table for your living space

Don’t you just love how stylish the living rooms in magazines look? And you wonder how you could possibly achieve that look on a budget. Well, with a little helpful styling advice, you will be able to create your dream living room with Amart’s furniture range.

Complete your living space with one of our wooden coffee tables

Your coffee table is an important piece of furniture so it needs to match the rest of your living room furniture. A timber coffee table is classic and over the years as trends change, it can be accessorised to freshen up the look.

Visit Amart’s showroom to view our extensive range of wooden coffee tables, or shop online. We offer delivery around Australia with pay later and interest free payment options. Don’t forget to ask about our furniture packages, and restyle your whole living area with a dining table and dining chairs, buffet, entertainment unit, bookcases and console tables.

Choosing the best style of coffee table for your living room

Do you know what style of coffee table you are looking for? Whether classic or modern Scandinavian style, here are some style ideas for you to consider:

  • Nesting coffee tables are a great space saver. The tables can be easily placed over each other when not in use.
  • A Coffee table set offers great functionality and style to your living space. Used together or separately, the tables go with any decor.
  • The Storage coffee table is a multi purpose coffee table that lets you maximise your storage space and keep your living room free from day to day clutter.
  • The drawer coffee table is multi-purpose and allows you to hide away day to day clutter like your kid’s toys and books so you can ease into the evening with style.
  • The Lift top coffee table has a lid that raises higher allowing the table to be used as a desk or just to bring your food and drinks closer to you.
  • A Solid wood coffee table is a classic that never loses style. It goes in any home, with any decor and can be accessorised to change up its look.
  • A Glass coffee table is a great style for a smaller room as it gives the illusion of space.
  • The Scandinavian style wooden coffee table has understated elegance and suits a minimalist style of home decor. Select simple furniture in light coloured wood with clean lines.

Wood coffee tables come in colours and sizes to fit any living space

Amart’s full range of modern coffee tables offer functionality and style. While you are in our showroom, check out our living room furniture and home decor and ask about our furniture packages. Here are 5 of our favourite wooden coffee tables to get you started.

  1. The Barrel coffee table is a round coffee table that has a rustic natural wood finish that brings warmth into your living room.
  2. The Luca coffee table is a rectangular coffee table that gives a modern industrial feel to your room. This wood and metal coffee table is minimalist in design but a beautiful statement piece.
  3. The Romulus is a square coffee table. The simplicity of the square offers stability in a room. Add a table lamp on a side table and bold wall art for a modern look to your living room.
  4. The Collins is a white coffee table with raw wood legs in the Scandinavian style. It has simple clean lines and a minimalist style. This style is great for small spaces.
  5. The Sirena is a rattan coffee table that goes perfectly with your outdoor dining setting.

Features of a modern coffee table to look out for

Your coffee table sits in the middle of the room which is why it is important to find one that works well with your room size and the other furniture around it. Here are some features to consider when deciding what style you are shopping for.

The materials your modern coffee table is made from is important as it helps identify the style and mood of your living room.

Is the space actually part of your outdoor dining area? In that case a rattan coffee table may work well for a summery feel.

A metal frame is sleek and matched with a wood top becomes an ultra cool industrial piece.

Marble coffee tables are timeless classics and so are solid wood coffee tables.

Glass coffee tables come in so many styles, but one thing they have in common is they reflect light which is ideal in a small space.

Do you love the Hamptons style of decor? Then a reclaimed wood coffee table styled with a range of warm armchairs, homewares, and table lamps will create that perfect atmosphere.

Functionality is also an important feature to consider when selecting a modern coffee table. Do you need to hide daily clutter away when guests come over? Then consider a drawer coffee table, a lift top coffee table or storage coffee table.

What shape would you like your coffee table to be? This will depend on your living room decor and style. Modern coffee tables come in all shapes these days. A square coffee table can be quite wide and spacious offering a lot of room to put food platters, drinks and spread out books. A rectangular coffee table is classic and allows easy access amongst seating placed around it. A round coffee table is modern and organic.

How high should my coffee table be?

Your coffee table sits in the middle of the living room and needs to be accessible to everyone, so the height of your wooden coffee table is important.

When shopping for your modern coffee table, keep in mind that the top of the table should not be more than 2-5 cm lower than your living room sofa and armchairs. This makes it easier for everyone to reach the table without straining their back and it’s also the perfect height to rest your feet on it while you watch television.

If you like a little additional height in the room, consider adding console tables which can be taller, or a lift top coffee table so you can raise the top higher as needed. Keep in mind you can style your room with additional furniture pieces like your entertainment unit and buffet.

Round coffee table, rectangular or square - which one should I choose?

The shape of your coffee table is important. As it sits in the middle of your living room you want it to match well with your existing furniture. So here are 3 questions to ask yourself when making this important decision.

  1. What shape is your dining table? You need to create flow through your living areas, and so having matching shaped tables will help with that.
  2. What style appeals to you. Classic styles are more rectangular, modern tend to be square and Scandinavian styles are any shape with minimal design and lightweight features.
  3. What is your lifestyle? A round coffee table means there are no sharp edges to injure children.

Coffee tables for all budgets

Whatever your budget, you will find a coffee table to suit your living room. We have showrooms around Australia where you can view our range of wood coffee tables, glass top, rattan, marble, square and round coffee tables. While you are there consider a furniture package and decorate your home with a matching dining table, dining chairs and buffet.

Buying your wooden coffee table at Amart

Your coffee table is an important piece of furniture to have in your living room. At Amart we have a large range of wooden coffee tables for you to choose from. Browse our solid wood acacia, teak and mango wood furniture. If you like clean lines and a minimalist approach then a Scandinavian style wood coffee table or white coffee table will suit you. Perhaps you like a more industrial look with reclaimed wood, or the very trendy Hamptons style of decorating. Don’t forget your outdoor dining setting and find a matching rattan coffee table, perfect for summertime. Whatever your style, we will have something for you. We have pick-up and delivery options around Australia so you can buy your wood coffee table today.

What is the wood in a wooden coffee table?

Many kinds of wood are used in a wooden coffee table. Choose from mango wood, acacia and teak for elegance, light wood for a modern Scandinavian style, and reclaimed wood for a rustic look.

What size of coffee table should you choose?

When deciding on the size of your coffee table, remember it needs to fit into your room and allow space for people to move around it. Also consider the functionality of the piece as it needs to fit into your lifestyle.