Curtain Rods

From brackets for double curtain rods to a selection of decorative rod ends, we have all the curtain accessories you need for your home! ... It’s so easy to buy curtain rods online or instore at Amart, including stylish black curtain rods and extendable curtain rods in a range of lengths. Read more

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Curtain Rods And Brackets

If you’ve chosen beautiful ready-made curtains from Amart, now you need curtain rods and brackets to complete the whole new look! Browse our range to find the perfect adjustable curtain rods, decorative rod ends and double brackets putting the finishing touches on your home improvement project!

What is a curtain rod?

Not such a silly question… a curtain rod is different to a curtain track. Curtain rods are fixed to the window frame or the wall above the window and are used to hang curtains with tabs, rod pockets, eyelets and pleats.

In our curtain accessories range you’ll find decorative curtain rod ends and brackets for fixing the curtain rods to the timber window frame or the wall.

Choosing extendable curtain rods is the simple way to buy curtain rods that will adjust to the width you need.

How to install curtain rods

Installing the modern silver, white or matte black curtain rods available to click and collect from Amart stores is relatively simple. But firstly, you need to decide if you are going to hem your curtains or position the rod at the point from which the ready-made curtain reaches the floor. Assuming the latter, you’ll need:

  1. Tape measure
  2. Pencil
  3. Spirit level
  4. Drill
  5. Curtain rod brackets

When you’re ready to install your curtain rods:

  1. Measure the drop of your curtains from the point at which they will affix to the curtain rod. That might be from the top of the tabs, the line of eyelets or the rod pocket, depending on the curtain design.
  2. Measuring from the floor up, mark the wall in two places with your pencil. Use your spirit level to ensure a straight invisible line between the two marks.
  3. The extendable curtain rod allows you to locate a wall stud along that line to position the rod brackets.
  4. Drill pilot holes before fixing the brackets into place.
  5. Attach the curtain to the curtain rod and place it in the brackets.

You may want to mount your curtain rods to a width that allows the curtains to cover the timber window frame when fully open or past the window frame to allow maximum light and exposure.

Which type of rod is best for curtains?

Our cast iron 28mm curtain rails are available in silver, matte black and white curtain rods in two extendable lengths: 1.4m to 2.5m and 2.3m to 4.0m. They are suitable for hanging both sheer and blockout curtains, with double curtain rod brackets available for hanging both types of curtain on one window.

Cast iron extendable curtain rods are best for:

  • Tab curtains
  • Eyelet curtains
  • Rod pocket curtains
  • Pinch pleat or box pleat curtains - fixed with stainless steel curtain rings

Which colour curtain rod should I choose?

Choose silver, black or white curtain rods to complement your existing decor, taking into account your colour palette, living room or dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, light fittings and accessories such as large mirrors.

If your interior style is modern, contemporary or urban, silver or black curtain rods will work, and if it is best described as country, coastal or French provincial, try white curtain rods for a fresh look.

How much do curtain rods cost?

You’ll find highly affordable curtain accessories at Amart, where cast iron extendable curtain rods in white, black or silver are available for so much less than you would expect! Shop during sale times for significant savings at Amart.

Other types of window dressings

Plush curtains and curtain rods add a luxurious feel to your home and can provide excellent insulation, but you might also like the sleek modern look of venetian blinds or roller blinds from our range of curtains and blinds for your living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, laundries and bathrooms.