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Corner lounge suites tick all the right boxes, with the functionality of the modular lounge and chaise lounge, this penultimate living room seating option offers ultimate comfort while maximising living room space. From entertaining guests to quite nights on the sofa, corner lounges cater for all your relaxation needs!
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Transform Your Living Room Space with a Corner Lounge

Transform any spare corner of your home into an area of relaxation and style with Amart’s wide range of corner lounges. There's nothing quite as comforting as unwinding on your favourite 3 seater or 4 seater corner lounge suite after a long day, and when it's time to host guests, you'll have ample seating for everyone.

From spacious corner modular lounges ideal for open-plan living areas to compact corner lounges perfect for apartments and townhouses, Amart’s lounge collection offers a diverse range of options to suit every home. Corner lounges take center stage in any room and can be effortlessly paired with a 2 seater sofa, armchair, ottoman, or other sectional furniture pieces to create a cohesive and stylish ensemble.

What is a corner lounge?

A corner lounge serves as a versatile seating and socialising space, perfectly fitting into the corners of your living room or any other corner of your home. Whether you're unwinding with home theatre entertainment, enjoying comfortable downtime after a long day at work, or hosting weekend gatherings with friends, a corner lounge has all angles covered.
You can maximise the functionality of smaller living spaces by choosing from a variety of seating options such as left-hand seating, right-hand seating, modular lounge configurations, or a corner chaise. With around 64 corner lounge products available online or instore, we have your multi-seater modular furniture ideas sorted at Amart.

The materials you choose should reflect your lifestyle and household. Ideas include:

  • Fabric Corner Lounges: Choose from a range of plush or firm comfort levels, crafted from soft natural fibers or incredibly durable manufactured fibers, to suit your preferences.
  • Leather Corner Lounges: Ideal for traditionalists seeking high-quality, long-lasting materials that are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring your lounge looks great for decades.
  • Leather-Look Lounges: For those seeking a budget-friendly alternative that replicates the look of real leather, our fake leather lounges offer the latest innovations and features without compromising on style or quality.

What are the features of a corner lounge?

For starters, corner lounges come in different sizes and configurations. At Amart, we understand there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for Australian families, so we offer a comprehensive product range for families of all sizes. Corner lounge features to be aware of include:

  1. Left Hand Facing (LHF) Chaise: Corner lounges with left-hand facing chaises provide versatile seating solutions that suit your space. For example, check out our ever-popular Bonza fabric corner lounge with a left-hand facing chaise, available in luxurious linen fabric and five contemporary colors to complement any décor.
  2. Right Hand Facing (RHF) Chaise: Tailor your L shaped lounge to fit your living area with our stylish collection of right-hand facing chaise lounges. From the spacious Brayden 7 seater leather corner lounge with a right-hand facing chaise, perfect for accommodating large families, to other elegant designs, find the perfect fit for your home.
  3. Corner Lounge with Recliners: Indulge in luxurious comfort with a recliner corner lounge, ideal for unwinding after a long day. Our extensive range includes the popular 6-seater Saloon, the spacious Vivaldi corner lounge with electric recliners, and the luxurious Luciano reclining corner lounge, designed for ultimate relaxation.
  4. Corner Lounge Sofa Bed: Experience unparalleled versatility with our corner lounge sofa beds, providing an extra bed whenever you need it. Available with a left-hand facing or right-hand facing chaise, the Diamond leather-look corner lounge seamlessly transforms into a convenient double bed for accommodating guests.

How to customise a corner couch to fit your home

To suit long walls, short walls, open plan living and lounge room nooks, you can choose a corner couch with the perfect number of seats on the right or left side. Consider the mix and match capability of the Colton fabric 5-piece lounge comprising two armless chairs, two corner chairs and an ottoman to suit any sized space!

Corner lounges are all about customising the space your way, and you can start your search the best way possible online with Amart Furniture. With an Australia-wide network of Amart Furniture stores, plus unbeatable online sales and service, your customisable couch can be on its way to your place today.

Do corner sofas have to go in the corner?

Despite the name, corner sofas offer a sense of permanence. They become the corner themselves without needing to rely on walls for definition. In other words, if you have a large space a corner sofa can sit almost anywhere in the room and create its own vibe.

You can create several seating areas in larger rooms and choose fabric lounges, leather couches, or leather-look suede style lounges to suit your décor and taste. While exploring corner sofas, take the time to check out coffee tables that are the perfect height and perfect match from the Amart collection.

How to choose the style of your couch

Every home and every home owner is different, so the first step is to purchase from a retailer with a wide range of furniture options. Start your search right here online and narrow down your choices. Then head to your nearest Amart showroom and try some lounge suites out for yourself. Take time to sink in, get the feel of the material, and experience the posture support.

At Amart Furniture, we offer genuine aftersales service including a comprehensive warranty, so you can shop for old favourites and latest offers with confidence. Make a wish list for lounge furniture, dining furniture, bedroom furniture or outdoor furniture today, and save money by purchasing highest quality Amart Furniture for the best available prices. Choose from style options that include:

  • Coastal
  • Contemporary
  • Industrial
  • Mid-century
  • Retro
  • Urban

For more styling advice, check out Amart’s range of inspirational style guides.

How to style your corner lounge

As the centerpiece of your living room, styling your corner lounge can set the tone for your whole living and dining space. You can colour co-ordinate in matching tones from other living spaces or contrast with bold fabrics and colours. Light grey, dark grey and muted tones look great with a splash of colour introduced in cushions, rugs, art works and other home décor inspiration.

If you’re looking for cheap corner lounge inspiration or small corner lounge ideas for your living space, you’ve come to the right place. At Amart, we are dedicated to helping you to transform your living room tailored to your space and budget. Visit your local Amart store to find your perfect corner lounge today.