10 Seater Dining Sets

The ultimate dining suite for big families or entertaining at home has to be a luxury 10 seater dining table set! Plus-size dining in style is ... easy to achieve when you have beautiful dining room furniture which includes a 10 person dining set. Read more

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10 Seater Dining Table Sets For Entertaining

If you like to entertain or you have a big or extended family, you’ll love our beautiful 10 seater dining table sets where an extra long table and 10 matching dining chairs brings everyone together to dine comfortably.

What is a dining table set?

A dining table set features a dining table and chairs sold as a set. 10 seater dining sets are also known as 11 piece dining suites. The alternative to dining sets (also known as dining suites) is buying a dining table and dining chairs separately to create your own set.

With our matching dining table sets you know the chairs are going to complement the table beautifully, whereas if you buy a dining table and chairs separately, you have to ensure they are a good match yourself.

While dining table sets don’t include living room furniture, some dining room collections such as Silverwood, Sorvino, Settler and others also feature matching living room furniture for a cohesive look in open plan living.

What is the average size of a dining table?

Dining tables vary not just in size but in shape too. You might find a small square dining table that measures 900mm wide and an extendable dining table that opens to a huge 2800mm width - with everything in between!

The average size - or perhaps the most commonly bought - is a 6 seater dining table generally measuring 1500mm-2000mm wide. To comfortably seat more than six people around a dining table with cushioned dining chairs for prolonged comfort, you’ll need a 2200mm to 2800mm table, such as you’ll find in 8 to 10 seater dining table sets.

And the ultimate? The La Salle Mk3 from our Signature Collection, which is an extendable dining table that seats 10 people with ease. The La Salle Mk3 measures 2200mm wide but extends to a whopping 2800mm width when you need it.

Which are the best furniture sets for dining rooms?

A modern 10 seater dining table such as you’ll find in our Signature Collection is the perfect choice for a generously proportioned dining room or big open plan space.

When you buy a dining set or suite, you know the dining chairs are designed to complement the dining table perfectly. Matching furniture such as buffet tables and sideboards are often available to provide a complete dining room furniture set.

Depending on the size of your dining room, you can also find:

While 8 seater and 10 seater dining sets may feature dining tables of similar widths, it is not just the dining table designs which determine how many table settings it can include, but the design - and especially the width - of the dining chairs.

Visit your local Amart store or shop online to browse our 8 seater dining table sets along with the 10 seater dining sets to find the best furniture sets for dining rooms of a reasonable size.

How do you pick the best dining table and chair combination?

The beauty of choosing a dining suite such as a 10 seater dining table set is that you don’t have to! Our design experts have created dining table designs that are the ideal combination of a matching table and dining chairs, where fit and style complement each other perfectly.

Complete with 10 to 15 year guarantees, these luxury dining sets are the perfect choice for large scale family dining and entertaining.