A great rug can really tie a room together, and this is especially true when it comes to the living room. It’s the room we gather in to relax – so it’s important to choose a rug that both complements your space and reflects your own sense of style. 

If you’ve ever gone searching for a new rug, however, you’ll know it can be a complicated business. With so many different colours, sizes, textures and materials on offer, the options are literally endless. 

To help you make the right choice for your living room, we’ve put together a brief guide to selecting the right rug for you. Once you’ve successfully narrowed down your options – be sure to check out Amart’s great range of high quality rugs.


What size rug for a living room


One of the first questions you’ll need to tackle as you decide on a new rug is the size it needs to be. Take a good look at your living room and the space you’d ideally like to cover. It’s generally advised to go as big as possible in the living room, as you’ll make the room look larger and your furniture appear more connected. 

Typical rug sizes include:

Smaller sized and uneven shaped rugs are ideal for layering or creating interest in a small space or reading nook. Extra large sized rugs are great if you need to cover a whole room or create enclosed areas within an open planned space. Don’t forget many stores offer customised sizes or you can arrange to have your rug tailored to your ideal size and shape.

Pro tip: Mark out the size of your ideal rug with masking tape on your living room floor, so you can see exactly how large the rug needs to be for your space. Or, if you already have your eye on the rug of your dreams, mark out its size so you can see exactly how it’ll look from all angles once you’ve brought it home.


Living room rug design and colour ideas


Some of this season’s hottest trends include cowhide, flatweave and shaggy rugs. Whatever your taste and style, you’ll find a design and colour to suit your space at Amart. Try these stand-out style trends to inspire your choice of rug:

Natural – Embrace laid-back style and organic design with a natural theme. Complement this look with a flatwoven rug in a natural material like jute or cotton.

Retro – Step back in time and imbue your space with seriously cool retro vibes. Go for a rug with a bright and colourful pattern, or try a high pile rug for a shaggy retro look.

Minimalist – Keep it sleek and classic with a minimalist style scheme. Neutral colours and clean lines work best, so choose a plain coloured rug in a light or dark shade to create a relaxing backdrop.

Colour pop – Choose a statement rug in bright colours that speaks to your unique sense of style. Layer on furniture in complementing colours, or dial it up with a riot of clashing colours.

Shabby chic – Anything goes with this fun theme, which is not just for uni students anymore. Try a high pile shaggy rug and layer on mismatching furniture for a cosy and welcoming space that never takes itself too seriously.

Globetrotter – Show off the treasures you’ve brought home from international adventures by embracing an eclectic style. Try a bold tribal print to liven up your living space, or tie it all together with an earthy flatwoven rug.


How to place a rug in a living room


There are a few classic rules of thumb you can follow when placing a rug in your living room:

Open plan living room – choose an extra large rug so that you can place all of your living room furniture inside the rug, creating an enclosed space.

Classic living room – If your lounge is against a wall, place your rug so that the front legs of lounge are on top of the rug. This maximises the space and creates a cosy look. 

Formal living room – For a more formal look, place a smaller rug in the centre of the room with your furniture arranged around it. 

If you’re placing a rug in a high traffic area, opt for a lower pile height that’s easy to vacuum and a subtle pattern to hide dust in between cleans. Longer, softer styles are best kept for lower traffic areas like study nooks or spare bedrooms.


How to style a rug in a living room


How you style your rug will largely depend on the order in which you’ve chosen your living room furniture. For example, if you already have most of your furniture picked out, you’ll want to select a rug that complements your existing style theme. 

On the flipside, starting from scratch and choosing your rug FIRST is a great way to build up a cohesive living room theme. Use your rug’s colour and texture to inspire the room and choose furniture pieces to match or complement your choice of rug.

If you’ve chosen a bold statement rug with many bright colours, choose one or two colours from the design and foreground them in your accessory choices. 

A vintage tribal rug rich in red hues can add instant warmth to broad range of living room settings. Offset the dominant colour choice with a neutral coloured lounge, gold accessories and lots of greenery.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try layering rugs for a bohemian-chic vibe. This typically involves layering a smaller, colourful rug over a classic flatweave or natural rug. 


More rug inspiration

For more living room rug style ideas, be sure to check out our great range of rugs, available in store or online. You can also visit our homewares section for all the right accessories to complement your space. Pick up more great style inspiration on our blog.