Cassie McLean, from the @thewhitecottage is a Newcastle based product stylist and photographer. Considered the "bedroom styling connoisseur", Cassie takes us through her approach to styling, layering and organizing our popular CHANELLE bedroom range in her own home.


How to make / layer a white bedhead:


A bedhead is a large element in your room, so consider the balance of the space when picking a colour. A white bedhead will add a touch of elegance and simplicity whilst complementing the surrounding decor and linens. Choosing a neutral bedroom suite, like Amart Furniture's Chanelle range will allow you to bring colour into the space through cushions, quilts and art and is also an affordable way to mix things up as your style evolves.

When styling our space, I personally keep the quilt covers pattern free if the headboard has any paneling or textures. Coordinate the colours from wall art into the throws and cushions for a cohesive feel. A little tip: as the euros are often against the headboard, choose these in any colour other than white if you want the cushions to be the focal point. You may also wish to contrast your wall colour which will make the white bedhead the accent piece of the room.



Creating a bedside vignette:


Styling your bedside table can so much fun, so much so, that people often get carried away with putting things out on display that the bedside table often ends up cluttered and impractical. We’ve all heard it: sometimes less is more. The same goes for creating bedside vignettes.

But what is a vignette you ask? I believe a vignette is the grouping of your favourite items around your home to create a particular vibe and and a visually pleasing "scene". Whilst styling a vignette is a very personal thing, here are some helpful tips to assist you.

Height: try and look for a mix of heights. I believe that a lamp is essential to styling a bedside table which can establish your dominant height. How to make sure your lamp is right for your space?

A good way to do this is sit up in bed and the bottom of the shade should be close to chin level. Larger lamps can often be a little more expensive however are definitely worth the investment if you are a bedtime reader.

Art: This can be displayed in many ways; lent up against the wall, mounted above the lamp or even placed in height order in front of each other. Mounting your wall art will being the eye up and add height to the area; this is particularly important when styling a high headboard.

Trays: If things begin to feel cluttered to you or you feel something is missing. Adding a tray is a great way to make things look less cluttered and more intentional. Plus depending on the tray you choose you could be adding another texture.

Foliage: Adding blooms or greenery into a room creates visual interest. For cost effectiveness, use branches, dried flowers or even artificial ones that you can update as the space changes.

Colour palette: To create a harmonious space, chose one colour and add depth and interest by using contrasting textures.

"Don't forget to inject some personality into your space and remember that your styling should represent YOU and what YOU love" - Cassie McLean



Organizing a tall chest:


Whilst most people enjoy having a beautifully styled home, never underestimate the importance of an organised home. There is nothing worse than frantically looking for that special dress... or worse, the car keys! (we've all been there).

To organise your dresser, start with empty draws. You need to know what you're dealing with, right? Once you have sorted your items begin putting them neatly back. There are a number of methods to store your clothes however I've found the Kon Mari method to be most effective & space saving.

Be sure to keep the top of your dresser tidy as well as this area can be used to store jewellery, candles and other items. Keeping it free from clutter will motivate you to maintain your system of organisation.

Like a lot of tasks around the home, organising your dresser gives you a sense of accomplishment. Essentially, arrange your draws in a way that it makes it easier for you to access and put away your clothes. Try a number of different systems and with a bit of practice, you can develop a method that works for you.