A playroom is one of the funnest rooms in the home to design and set up - and the best part is, there are no rules to how you put it together.

Here are 8 ways to create a colourful playroom for your little ones, which they’ll adore spending time in almost as much as you’ll enjoy decorating it.

1. Paint-Free Personality

Credit: architecturaldigest.com

You don’t have to paint your walls to bring some colour into a playroom. Colour can come from anywhere, including fun decals. Splashing the walls and ceiling of a playroom with some polka-dot decals not only makes the space fun, but also gives the space some extra depth and vibrancy.

Colourful tip: Quality decals can easily be removed. This means a playroom can easily transform with your kids as they grow up, like into a study or music room.

2. Mature Colouring

Credit: crateandbarrel.com

Simple, fruity colours have always been popular, but how about if you combined some quieter, more mature tones? Start with a modern sofa and rug, then balance out the room with bright cushions and fun decorations on the walls.

Colourful tip: Adding a teepee or a tent can provide a cosy hideaway for kids, in a large space.

3. Make the Ordinary Fun

Credit: moxiebabyboutique.wordpress.com

Have some fun with your decorating. Novelty-sized measuring tapes pop with yellow while being an exciting way for kids to keep track of their height. Giant lettering decals are also a great way of giving your child’s playspace some character – and they look adorable as an initial above children’s beds.

Colourful tip: A kid’s king single bed can be used as a handy reading nook, or as a place for an after-play nap.

4. The Desert Oasis

Credit: instagram.com/ahlaemcasa/

Light blues and pale greens can make up a fantastic palette for a kids space, especially when you add to it with a sand-coloured pouf and fill the space with warm, yellow lighting. It creates a warm and bright atmosphere, and will work with both girls’ and boys’ playrooms.

Colourful tip: Textured pillows and zigzag-pattern rugs bring a sharpness to what may seem like a calm room, making it a bit more interesting.

5. Free Art

Credit: designimprovised.com

When it comes to unleashing the potential of colour, there’s no denying that kids are experts. So using their paintings and hanging them up in a fun way is the perfect way to show off their masterpieces while bringing a neutral playroom to life.

Colourful tip: If you want to keep the playroom to a particular palette, only purchase those colours for your kids to paint with.

6. Downsizing

Credit: home-designing.com

One quirky way to design your kid’s playroom is to use adult furniture – at a miniature size. Using small kids’ tables and chairs that look like they’ve been taken straight from the living room and miniaturised can make any playroom look stylish and feel larger. The kids will love it!

Colourful tip: Getting kid’s furniture that visually matches larger furniture elsewhere in the house is a great way to connect the playroom with the rest of your home.

7. Chalk Loudly

Credit: stylebyemilyhenderson.com

When kids draw on walls it can be a nightmare, but with chalk walls, it’s a colourful dream. Paint the walls with blackboard paint or stick on a chalk wallpaper and give artistic reign to the ones spending the most time in the playroom.

Colourful tip: With a chalk wall, it’s easy to give the room a theme. Either draw the panels of a space ship for a boys playroom or a field of flowers for a girls playroom.

8. Floating Colours

Credit: 100layercake.com

From hanging bright streamers from the ceiling to fastening swings to solid beams, it’s possible to bring some 3-dimensional colour to your kid’s playroom - without needing a TV. It makes the space more energetic, both visually and physically!

Colourful tip: Adding a blue rug under a hanging kids chair transforms it into a ship on the open ocean – in a child’s mind, at least.

There’s a time for play and a time to learn. So after you decide on what looks to create for your kid’s playroom, check out these great ideas on styling a kid’s study.