Dining Suites

A beautiful dining suite is the focal point of your dining area, setting the mood for years of shared meals with family and friends. Our big range of ... dining room furniture includes dining suites you’ll love in all shapes, sizes and styles. Read more

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Dining Suites For Every Home

Dine at home in fabulous style with the perfect dining room suite for your space. Whether you need a small 5 piece dining suite, a family-sized 9 piece dining suite or even a spacious 11 piece dining suite, you’ll find beautiful dining room suites to meet your needs at Amart.

What is a dining suite?

Dining suites comprise a dining table and any number of dining chairs sold as a complete set. The alternative is to buy a dining table and dining chairs separately.

Classic and modern dining room suites include large or small tables and matching dining chairs made from a range of primary and secondary materials including:

  • Timber
  • MDF
  • Leather
  • Leather-look
  • Fabric
  • Tempered glass
  • Polyurethane
  • Powder-coated steel
  • Chrome
  • Acrylic

What is included in a dining suite?

Ready to go shopping for a new dining suite? Browse our collection online or visit your local Amart Furniture store to find a dazzling array of quality dining room furniture. Before you go, consider that dining table suites are available in a wide range of designs such as:

Our beautiful dining table sets also feature a range of trending styles such as French provincial, urban, contemporary, coastal and Hamptons dining suites, amongst others.

How do you pick the best dining room furniture?

At Amart Furniture, you shop our Signature collection of luxury dining room suites and best dining room furniture to suit your needs. To create a cohesive and relaxed feel in your dining area and ultimately choose the best dining suite for you, consider style, size, comfort and environment.


While it’s easy to like any number of different dining suite styles, try to choose dining room furniture which complements your existing furniture, especially if you have open plan living. So while you may love the sleek, modern look of the Zia 7 piece dining suite for example, if your living room furniture is more of a country or french provincial style then the Zia dining suite will look out of place.


Getting a dining suite in the right size for your available floor space is important. When measuring your space remember to allow room to move around the dining chairs when they are pulled out. Choose the biggest dining suite your budget and the floor space can cope with - you can never have a dining suite that’s too big if it fits comfortably in the area.


When buying a dining suite in-store at Amart, sit down and take a moment to see how it feels. Is the chair comfortable? Is the table height right for you? Is there enough space to dine comfortably with others? Take time to choose a dining suite that feels as good as it looks.


Think about your environment when deciding which are the best dining room suites for your home. Do you have a busy home with a young family? Perhaps a white dining suite isn’t the best choice! Do you have pets and carpets that shed? A glass dining suite will show dust very easily, whereas wooden dining room suites don’t. Do you love to host dinner parties? Upholstered dining chairs with arms provide a high level of comfort.

Consider all these aspects before choosing the perfect dining room suite for your home.