It seems you can’t open a magazine or scroll through your socials without catching a glimpse of this plant and its large, glossy leaves. Yes, the fiddle-leaf fig has truly taken over, becoming the new décor must-have for on-trend interior aficionados.

If, like us, you’ve experienced your fair share of #plantenvy at the hands of this lush and leafy species, now’s your chance to learn more about this celebrity plant and what makes it so popular (and photogenic!).

What is a Fiddle-Leaf Fig?


The fiddle-leaf fig, or ficus lyrata, is a flowering plant in the fig and mulberry family. Its leaves are large, leathery, and shiny, shaped like fiddles/violins (hence the name), and offer a striking deep green hue.

Fiddle-leaf figs can grow to around 30m tall in their natural habitat. Indoors, they generally grow to around 3-6m tall, though they can be topped to ensure they don’t hit the ceiling.

Native to tropical Africa, the popularity of this species has skyrocketed throughout Australia and the rest of the world as a decorative houseplant.

Why is the Fiddle-Leaf Fig so Popular?


Because it looks so good!

But seriously, the fiddle-leaf fig has everything you could want in an indoor plant. A few key reasons for its popularity include:

How to Care for Your Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Fiddle-leaf figs are a great option for those black thumbs out there. While they don’t require much maintenance, neglecting your fiddle-leaf fig can lead to a scraggy look. Follow these tips to keep your fiddle-leaf fig as fit as a fiddle!

Light and Position

Fiddle-leaf figs love light, but too much direct sunlight can cause damage to the leaves. Place your new plant in bright, indirect light so it can soak up the sunshine without overheating. Whatever you do, don’t keep your fiddle-leaf fig in a dark corner.

You may notice your fiddle-leaf fig start to slant toward the sun. Slightly rotate yours to share the sunlight and encourage the fig to grow straight.


Your fiddle-leaf fig will only need watering once a week or so. An easy way to see if your plant needs watering is to stick your finger in the soil. If the top couple of inches is dry, it’s time for a drink!

Fiddle-leaf figs don’t like wet roots, so be sure to give your plant proper drainage and avoid leaving it sitting in a wet saucer. You might like to water it in a sick or show to allow excess water to easily drain away.


Add liquid fertiliser each time you water it during spring and summer to encourage healthy growth. A general indoor plant feed will do the trick.


Dust and debris can build up on your fiddle-leaf fig’s leaves, causing them to suffocate and struggle to absorb sunlight and carbon dioxide. This can stunt growth and even kill your plant.

You can remove dust from your fiddle-leaf fig’s leaves by spraying them down with a hose or wiping them clean with a damp cloth.

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