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The Latest in Kids' Rooms

27 December 2017 | Category: Tips & Inspiration | Tags: kids bedroom

A child’s bedroom should spark creativity and imagination. It should also support a comfortable night’s sleep.

As their special space to play, learn, and rest, your kid’s room should be a fun and functional sanctuary that encourages them to express their personality.

Giving your child the room they need to be a happy little sleeper, creator, and student is easy with the right kids’ furniture and homewares.

To create a funky and practical kid’s bedroom, you should start with these essentials:

  • A comfy kid’s bed
  • Some cool kid’s bedding
  • A kid’s desk for homework and play
  • Some kid’s storage to keep everything in its place.

Things to keep in mind when choosing children’s furniture and your kid’s bedroom décor include:

  • The size and layout of the space
  • What the room will be used for
  • Whether you want to decorate to a theme or something more timeless they won’t outgrow.

Be inspired by these kids’ furniture and décor ideas to refresh your child’s bedroom.

Choosing the Perfect Kid’s Bed

Whether you prefer a traditional timber style or something a little more adventurous, your kid’s bed is the star of the show. Some of the most popular kids’ beds include:

Single Beds

Single beds are a great option when moving your little one into their first ‘big’ bed. They’re roomy enough to accommodate toddlers and teens, so your child can enjoy years in their single bed without needing an upgrade.

King Single Beds

Offering a bit more space for growing limbs, king single beds are generously sized and perfect for older kids and teens.

Beds with Storage

Beds offering under-bed storage make it easy to keep you kid’s bedroom tidy and organised. Compact and convenient, beds with storage are particularly handy if you’re working with a small room in need of additional storage space.

Trundle Beds

Another great space-saving options, trundle beds are perfect for accommodating sleepovers and those unexpected overnight guests.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are not only fun, but another awesome way to maximise the space in your kid’s bedroom. From single bunk beds and double bunk beds to loft bunk beds, there are plenty of funky options out there, great for siblings and sleepovers.

Novelty Beds

Playful and exciting, novelty beds are a cool way to inject character into your child’s bedroom. Whether you opt for a race car bed, firetruck bed, boat bed, kombie bed, or teepee bed, novelty beds support a comfortable sleep and imaginative play.

Does your child need a kid’s desk?

While some of us may have grown up doing our homework on the dining room table, more and more people are choosing to set up a study area in their child’s bedroom with a kid’s desk and chair. Here are a few benefits of adding a kid’s desk to your child’s bedroom:

It encourages study

There’s nothing like creating their very own study nook to encourage your child to study. Having a dedicated space to read, write, and learn will allow them to do their homework in the comfort of their room without outside distractions, like the TV or noisy siblings!

It accommodates arts and crafts

Having a kid’s desk and chair isn’t just great for schoolwork; it also gives your little one a comfy spot to do their colouring in and craft projects. You might even find your child spending more time getting creative and less time turning to electronics for entertainment.

It makes the home office a ‘grown-up’ space

That’s right: say goodbye to sticky keyboards and Legos under your desk! Giving your kid their own office space allows you to use the home office as your own quiet space to get work done and pay the bills.

Get Organised with Kids’ Storage

From clothes and toys to books and other knickknacks, chances are your child has a lot of stuff. Keep your kid’s room organised and tidy with these kids’ storage ideas.

Toy Boxes

Need a home for those puzzles, blocks, and other games when they’re not being used? A toy box could be the perfect solution for keeping your kid’s bedroom floor clear!

Bedside Tables

The perfect place for your child’s bedtime essentials, bedside tables keep books, tissues, and other items easily on-hand throughout the night.

Tall Chests

Tall chests of drawers make it easy to keep your kid’s clothes packed away and organised (and we’d be lying if we said we never had a ‘junk drawer’ for all those random bits and bobs!).


Despite their name, bookcases are ideal for everything from books to board games, DVDs and everything in between!

Wall Shelves

Wall shelves and floating shelves are a great way to create more storage without taking up any floor space! Affordable and easy to install, you can add one to hold your child’s favourite photo frame, or ten to create a bedroom library.

Kids’ Bedroom Décor

Decorating your kid’s room can be a lot of fun – you just need to know where to start! Create a look your child will love with these homewares and accessories:

Kids’ Bedding

Nothing sets the mood for a bedroom quite like bedding, and with so much variety in kids’ quilt covers and cushions these days, you’re sure to find something for your little one. Quilt covers can add a pop of colour or a fun print to your child’s space, and the best part is, they’re easy to replace as your kid’s taste changes.

Kids’ Rugs

There’s nothing like a fun shaggy rug to bring a touch of comfort and colour to your child’s bedroom. Just be sure to check for hidden Lego before walking!

Kids’ Lamps

Whether it’s doing homework, reading in bed, or keeping the monsters away, a lamp is a must-have for every kid’s bedroom.

Kids’ Wall Stickers

Another great way to add some fun to your child’s bedroom, kids’ wall stickers can transform your little one’s space into a jungle, a castle, or even outer space!

For more decorating ideas for your kid’s bedroom, check out these fun themes.

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