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The Entertainer’s Guide to Living and Dining Furniture

6 November 2017 | Category: Tips & Inspiration | Tags: dining room, living

Every avid entertainer needs a warm space to host their friends and family. Whether you’re throwing an extravagant dinner party or a casual, intimate gathering, you’ll want living and dining spaces that welcome your guests.

Become the host with the most by choosing living and dining furniture that makes your guests feel at home.

Things to consider when planning your living and dining spaces include:

  • The size and layout of your space (small, large, open plan or not)
  • How the space will be used (dining, lounging, dancing, board games, etc.)
  • Who will be using the space (children, adults, pets, etc.)
  • What look and feel you want to create in your space.

These factors should influence the type of living and dining furniture you choose, including the size, configuration, and materials of each item.

Creating a Dining Room for Entertaining

First things first: your guests need to be comfortable. There’s no use hosting an elaborate dinner party if your guests are shuffling uncomfortably in their dining chairs by the end of their entrées!

Dining furniture should complement your space while keeping your guests comfortable well into the night. Other important factors to consider when choosing the right dining furniture include size, shape, colour, and material.

Round Dining Tables

Versatile and intimate, round dining tables are great for seating an unexpected extra guest, and they make it easy for everyone to reach the food in the middle.

Square Dining Tables

Perfect for smaller spaces, square dining tables can easily be moved out of the way and neatly into a corner to free up the space for other uses (hello, Twister).

Rectangular Dining Tables

Timeless and elegant, rectangle dining tables come in a range of different sizes to comfortably seat a small family or a large group.

Wooden Dining Tables

You can’t go past a timber dining table for a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Hardwoods such as ash, oak, birch, and teak are more resilient against scratches and dents than softwoods like pine.

Glass Dining Tables

If you don’t mind picking up the Windex at least once a week, glass dining tables create a contemporary and minimalist look.

White Dining Tables

White furniture is a popular choice for its fresh and airy feel, and a white dining table will help create the illusion of a larger dining room. They’re also a great option if you want to create a Scandinavian style.

Black Dining Tables

Perfect for modern houses, black dining tables are a great way to make a statement. You might like to add interest and a pop of colour with some funky coloured dining chairs.

Top tip: If you love throwing dinner parties but don’t want a large dining table crowing your space at all times, an extendable dining table could be the perfect option.

Leather Dining Chairs

Sleek and modern, leather dining chairs look great in every dining space. They’re easy to wipe clean, but do require a leather conditioning treatment every change of season to avoid cracking.

Timber Dining Chairs

This timeless option adds warmth to a space, and is great for dining rooms that play host to children and pets, as they’re easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Fabric Dining Chairs

The added padding in fabric dining chairs make them a comfortable option. A fabric protection treatment is a must if you want to avoid spaghetti stains!

Industrial Dining Chairs

The industrial trend is here to stay, and industrial metal dining chairs are the perfect way to add some chic rustic vibes to your home. Add chair pads or seat cushions for increased comfort for your guests.

White Dining Chairs

The clean, crisp look of white dining chairs makes them equally suited to any situation, whether sophisticated dinner parties or casual, home-cooked breakfasts.

Black Dining Chairs

Black dining chairs offer the ultimate in versatility, complementing any dining table style.

Bar Stool and Chairs

Bar dining furniture is perfect for creating a more relaxed vibe. They’re a sophisticated option for both indoors and outdoors.

Top tip: Not sure what style best suits your dining room? Get some ideas in this inspiring post.

Creating a Living Room for Entertaining

From kicking back to watch a movie to enjoying a cup of tea over good conversation, living rooms can serve endless entertaining purposes.

As the hero piece of your living room, you’ll want to choose the perfect lounge for your needs.

Corner and Chaise Lounges

Corner and chaise lounges create a casual and intimate setting while maximising space. They also give you the chance to spread out and put your feet up once your guests have left!

Modular Lounges

Every true entertainer’s dream, modular lounges allow you to kick back with all your friends and family on one comfy piece of furniture. They’re versatile and work with any living space as you can rearrange the pieces to suit you.

Top tip: Discover 10 unique ways to style your modular lounge here.

Lounge Suites

Great for formal lounge rooms, lounge suites give you the freedom to choose the number of seats you need and work with any layout.

Recliner Lounges

If your idea of a night in involves hosting a movie marathon, impress your guests with a comfy recliner lounge or theatre suite.

Sofa Beds

We all have that one friend who never quite makes it home. Accommodate late-stayers with a stylish sofa bed. These are a great space-saver.

Leather and Leather-Look Lounges

Contemporary and sleek, leather and leather-look lounges add a sophisticated touch to any living room. They’re also easy to wipe clean, making them a great option for homes or parties with kids and pets.

Fabric Lounges

Another popular option in formal living areas, fabric lounges create a sense of warmth and cosiness. Fabric protection is a must for avoiding marks and stains.

Top tip: Not sure whether a leather or fabric sofa suits you best? This guide to different types of lounge fabrics will help you make a decision.

Other Entertaining Must-Haves

Once you’ve chosen the perfect living and dining furniture for your room, you can enhance your entertaining spaces with a few additional pieces.


A great way to add a splash of colour and texture while protecting your table surfaces, placemats are a must-have for dinner parties.

Coffee Tables and Side Tables

Where else are you going to rest your nachos and beer? Coffee tables allow you to serve food and drinks in the living room, and side tables are a great alternative in homes that are limited for space.


Lighting has a huge impact on the atmosphere of a space. Soft lighting from candles and lamps can create a relaxed, inviting vibe.

Impress your guests and dress up your dining, coffee, and side tables with some table styling inspiration!

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