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Go Retro - Shop by Style

9 March 2016 | Category: Shop by Style

Go Retro

Bring understated elegance into your home!

With its clean lines, innovative designs, and pared back simplicity, the Scandinavian Inspiration range of furniture will help you create a décor that is functional, natural, and subtle. This style emphasises wooden materials, geometric shapes and plenty of neutral, cool colours.

You'll love this look if you love:

  • Decorating with greys, whites and blues
  • Playing with textures
  • Having plenty of negative space
  • Wooden furniture
  • Keeping things light and bright.

Here are our tips for creating the look on a budget:

  • Scandinavian style is all about functionality, so think about what items you can repurpose and have some DIY fun. Can you add hooks to the side of a bookcase to hang clothes or hats on? Can you turn a jug into a vase? Can you transform a tree stump into a side table?
  • This type of décor works best with a lot of natural light. If your home could use a little help in this department, try placing mirrors in strategic positions (opposite a window or door) to maximise the light in a room.
  • Remember that less is more with this look. Spend time (and money) finding accessories that will really enhance the overall interior design, instead of creating a clutter.
  • A quick way to add texture to a room is to incorporate a throw and some knitted cushions. Sling the throw over a sofa for a casual feel.

Can't wait to see Scandinavian style in your home? Below you'll find the products that will help you get started. And with super prices available every day, when you shop with Amart Furniture, you can get the look for less!

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