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Micro-Tech by Tempur

22 March 2017 | Category: Store News

Created by the pioneers in sleep technology, Micro-Tech™ by TEMPUR® is a new, exclusive range designed to provide the essential benefits of a TEMPUR® mattress.

It all began in the 1970s when NASA developed a space-age material for pressure relieving astronauts during take-off. Using the cushioning of the spacecraft seats and the suits and heard of the astronauts, this highly revolutionary material would go on to change the way the world would sleep.

Today, over 50 million people around the world are enjoying the benefits only TEMPUR® sleeping products provide.

Micro-Tech™ by TEMPUR® is a collection of mattresses, pillows and lifestyle bed systems designed to meet the needs of everyday people to ensure they are getting the best night’s sleep, night after night. That’s the TEMPUR® promise.

The Micro-Tech™ Collection

Micro-Tech™ by TEMPUR® is now available in two unique collections – Atlantis and Stellar.

Atlantis features Tempur Pressure Relieving Memory Foam that absorbs and re-distributes your body weight for maximum comfort. Whichever position you find most comfortable, your Micro-Tech™ by TEMPUR Mattresses will conform to the individual needs of your body.

And rest well knowing movement from your partner will be absorbed ensuring your sleep remains uninterrupted.

The Atlantis range comes in two unique feels – firm and medium.

If you like the feeling of a mattress that offers the support of springs then the Stellar Collection is for you. Combining Micro-Tech™ by TEMPUR® pressure relieving memory form, the Stellar Mattress is that perfect blend of comfort and support.

The Stellar range comes in three unique feels – firm, medium and soft.

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Micro-Tech™ by TEMPUR® Lifestyle Base Systems

Experience the Micro-Tech™ Lifestyle Base System by TEMPUR®. This revolutionary base system allows you to adjust your own bed so it feels right for you. It allows you to lift your feet to reduce the swelling after a long day of standing, and takes the pressure away from your lower back by angling the feet and back into a zero-gravity position.

Designed to be used in conjunction with your Micro-Tech™ by TEMPUR® mattress; the Mirco-Tech Lifestyle Base will ensure you are getting the right comfort where you want it, and support where you need it.

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Micro-Tech™ have redefined the meaning of luxury; and it all comes at a very affordable price.

Visit your local Amart Furniture today experience Micro-Tech™ by TEMPUR®, and drift into your perfect night’s sleep.

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