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Master Bedroom Decorating

16 February 2017 | Category: Featured postsTips & Inspiration

The master bedroom can be the most personal room in your home, and decorating it can be lots of fun. Here are a few tips to help you get started in creating the master bedroom of your dreams.

The master bedroom should reflect your relationship, and personalising the space with photos, trinkets and mementos that are special to you as a couple will make the room feel like a haven just for the two of you. The master bedroom is often the only room in the home that as a couple you can make as your own to nurture your relationship.

The best colours to decorate the master bedroom are blues, warm earthy tones and greens. These colours are soothing colours, they stimulate a feeling of calmness and encourage relaxation. Decorating in these colours will have you waking up feeling refreshed and upbeat. Consider how colours make you feel, and whether you want your room to feel light and airy or dark and cosy.

Another handy tip on colour; red is said to be the colour of romance but it does over stimulate the senses, so add excitement and energy with hues of red in accessories rather than with furnishings or wall colour, keeping red to a minimum.

Place furniture in the master bedroom to allow flow. It may sound whimsical but being able to access all areas creates a harmonious environment. Choose furniture based on how you want to use it. If you only need a bedside table for a book and a glass of water don’t fill the space with over-sized drawers. And if you can help it, keep the home office out of the bedroom as it will distract you from rest.

If space allows in the bedroom, create a sitting area by adding a comfy chair or two. Seating in the bedroom creates a cosy nook just for you, and invites you to spend time relaxing or creates a place to sit and chat with your partner. If there’s no room for a chair an upholstered pouf at the end of the bed does the same trick, or make use of a bay window and build a lazy nook.

Lighting in the master bedroom plays a considerable role in creating ambience, and enhances the feeling of relaxation. Warm white light is best in the bedroom, and bedside lamps should shine soft light to invite rest. Candles are perfect for creating ambience, or place string lights in hurricanes and cluster them on drawers or windowsills for something a little different.

The final element in creating a comfortable and luxurious master bedroom is to make sure you add texture; carpet you can sink your feet into, a soft throw, a timber bedhead, leather or faux fur cushions, or a sisal rug. These all introduce texture through a sensation of touch. Furniture, décor, floor and wall coverings, and linens, pillows and throws all add texture to a room making it feel sumptuous and invites you in.

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