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16 March 2017 | Category: Shop by Style

It’s one thing to see a product in-store, but another to get it home and realise it doesn’t really suit the rest of your furniture or décor.

While some people (hello, Style Curator, we’re looking at you) have a natural eye for interior design, we’re not all that lucky. We’ve thrown together a little style inspiration for some of our most popular living and dining furniture, so you can feel more confident the next time you shop with us.

Entertainment Units

Anneka Entertainment Unit

The Anneka Entertainment Unit has a clean, crisp look. The style is simple, and means you can take it one of two ways:

  • Go with the minimalist, modern feel by choosing metallic accessories or abstract decorations, while keeping it clutter-free.
  • Use the simplicity to allow yourself to create interest or busy-ness elsewhere in the room.

If you choose minimalist modern, choose decorative pieces like the Camilla Lantern, the Key Cushion or the Caspian Canvas.

There are no products matching the selection.

For a warmer look with more going on, you could use your Anneka Entertainment Unit as more than a place for your TV to sit – you could add a collection of indoor plants like the Boston Fern pop on a Deonna Table Lamp, or throw down a Kali Rug in front of it to really make it stand out.

Andi Entertainment Unit

Image via @kateadderley

The Andi Entertainment Unit draws from the Scandi trend. We love the idea of using it to create a retro 80s look. Try adding some clashing decorations like the Sanchez Vase and a set of Duke Place Mats, and choosing a fabric sofa from the James Range in Pistachio or Tangerine to really set the tone.

Fabric Lounges

Dante Sofa

The Dante Fabric Sofa Pair proves you don’t need a leather lounge set to enjoy a modern, clean look. The small arms make it a great buy for people with smaller lounge rooms because it won’t look too chunky and will help create the illusion of space. We would pair the charcoal sofa with funky bright colours to create some fun and liven up the living room.

The Remi Cushion and Milo shaggy Rug in Aqua create some unity throughout the room without making it look too over the top.

Nixon Sofa

The Nixon Fabric Sofa Pair offers a classic look that speaks of luxury without seeming stuffy. We love complementing this neutral pair with some equally stylish ‘traditional’ pieces like our Silverwood Coffee Table, and then set off both of these strong statement pieces with softer accessories like the Ultraviolet Wall Art.

Dining Tables

Sven Dining Table

The Sven dining table embodies the Scandi style in a very traditional sense. We love the idea of pairing it with the Duke Table Runner for a pop of colour, then adding in the Port Royal Bowl and the Frame Clock for some modern twists.

The Zia Dining Table is super modern on its own, so the challenge here is to style around it without making your dining room look like you’re an investor in the local glass or silverwork shop. Some solid colours without the metallic look are a great way to keep your Zia Dining Table looking impressive while not hurting your eyes with all the reflections when you enter the room.

Try pairing it with the Otto Marble Wall Clock and the Waterford Vase to complement this piece and keep the modern look alive through the space.

There are no products matching the selection.

Majesty Dining Table

The Majesty Dining Table has a strong classic look, which will fill a room and make a statement. With a fairly large surface area, we love the idea of dressing it up with a ‘collection’ – whether it’s 3 plants in pots of different sizes, or a few vase variations, having a look that’s a little eclectic can easily liven up this piece.

Accent Chairs

Traby Accent Chair

Image via @mrs_mako_

The Traby style is one of our most popular accent chairs. Generally you want your accent chairs to have a soft, cosy look and feel, so a comfy throw rug is a given. We love adding a soft-coloured cushion (like the Quinn Cushion) to the mix as well. And, of course, what’s a comfy chair without a reading light and side table? The weathered tones of the Majesty Lamp Table let it co-exist peacefully with the Traby Chair, and the Cassy Table Lamp will let you softly illuminate the area when you want to snuggle in with a book or a cup of tea.

Guyer Accent Chair

Image via @bfree_style

The Guyer accent chair is perfect for those little nooks you might not know what to do with otherwise. We love having a handy lamp table like the Sven next door, so you have somewhere to rest your drink or book. And you can’t forget the wall – let the soothing tones of the Esperance Canvas set your mood as you take 5 minutes out of your day to de-stress.

Styling your living and dining spaces doesn’t have to be hard. Just make sure you start with less and work your way up to more, because it’s easier to work with a few things rather than get overwhelmed with bits and pieces. Once you have a handle on the tone of your décor, you can start looking for specific additions for your space that will work with the room’s design and purpose. For more style inspo, make sure you follow us on Instagram or sign up for our newsletter.

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