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How Interior Stylists Get That Look

15 February 2019 by Amart Furniture | Category: Tips & Inspiration

Ever scrolled through your socials and noticed how most interior stylists’ images share a familiar (and sometimes similar) look or feel?

You may be used to seeing crisp whites and minimalist style, which make for a clean look that captures the eye – and make you wish your home looked the same.

Whether you’re looking for photo styling tips for your own #insta, or you want to learn the behind-the-scenes tricks to achieve a picture-perfect home décor, we’re going to help you learn how to recreate that look you love, right here.

White and Bright

@bfree_style allows her favourite furniture and décor items to steal the show on fresh white backgrounds.

There’s nothing like a crisp white background to set the scene. Good lighting is key to making bright whites pop. You should also avoid warm, orange-toned filters and opt for natural, pastel tones.

Keep it Simple

@caseyscasa proves there’s nothing boring about keeping it basic with simply shots showcasing her décor treasures.

Less is more, and sometimes you need to tone things down to make a statement. Keep things simple and defined to avoid over-crowding your space and making your photos look too “busy”. You don’t want too many pieces fighting for attention.

Pick a Palette

@karenlovesinteriors opts for bright whites and different shades of grey for a consistent look.

When it comes to your home’s aesthetic, consistency is key. We love a good mix of styles, but if you’re chasing that Instagram-worthy look, sticking to a similar colour scheme in each space (and photo) is best.

Whether you opt for the ever-popular soft neutrals look or mix in some moody blues or dusty pinks, maintaining a consistent colour palette will create a beautiful flow in your home – and on your socials.

High Contrast

@interiors.by.bec knows that a little bit of black can make a big statement in a space.

A touch of black is the perfect way to make your bright whites pop. Add interest to a light and dreamy colour palette with contrasting black accessories like frames, candles, and cushions.

Ditch the Borders

@pinksugarstyling uses full-size photos without borders for a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing look.

When Instagram first took off, users were super excited to make the most of every filter and border available. And while playing with these features was a fun way to experiment and get creative, it generally resulted in an inconsistent feed. Now that Insta allows you to post full-sized images, ditch the borders for a clean, cohesive feel.

Scrap the Collages

@interior_rookie gets up close and personal with her pieces to highlight beautiful texture, shadows, and light.

Similarly, collages can take away the wow-factor from your feed, creating an overcrowded and inconsistent look. Avoid collages and post clear photos that don’t require your followers to squint.

Make it Yours

@the_beach_lounge introduces us to her four-legged family member, adding a personal touch to her feed.

While your socials may have some great inspiration for interior styling, be sure to keep your feed true to your individual style. Many popular interior style pages may share a few similarities, but they also offer their own unique ideas. Styling a space is a great chance to express your personality and – most of all – have some fun!

Follow these tips in your home and share your #AmartStyle looks for your chance to be featured on our Instagram

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