Ahoy! Bringing Navy Blue out from the Navy and into your home decor

Suitable for every season, every gender, every age and every home décor theme, Navy Blue is seriously one of the most versatile colours to use to decorate your home!

While everyone will have a different perception of the rest of the blue shades (could you pick baby blue, turquoise blue, sky blue, powder blue and teal blue out in a line up?!), navy blue is like a good, old recipe passed down from your grandmother -- it’s solid, reliable, tested through time, and will not let you down.

In fact, blue represents reliability, loyalty and integrity, so splashing Navy Blue around the home is a great way to reinforce these strengths and welcome visitors to an honest and humble household.

Without even consciously thinking about design or what’s in vogue, Navy Blue furniture allows you to add not only a splash of colour but style and maturity to any home. Whether it’s a plush sofa, a feature wall or subtle prints on the wall, Navy Blue furniture and interiors are here to stay.

HARRIET, CAMELIA bedside table, DELUXE VELVET quilt cover set

How Navy Blue Got its Name

Navy Blue is exactly what its name says it is! The shade got its description from the contrasting blue used against the white of British Naval Officer uniforms in 1748. From then on, other navies from around the world started adopting the same colour combination. It was initially known as “marine blue” at the start of the 19th century, but eventually evolved to “navy blue” as we call it today.

Navy Blue isn’t just one shade – there’s a range of tones that can help you create a home unique to your taste. In 1958, Crayola used the Navy Blue name on a brighter shade of blue, while darker indigos like Pantone’s Peacoat are also considered “navy blue,” or simply “navy.” Fashion designer Giorgio Armani even had a collection that became famous for its navy colouring.

Navy blue’s deep, dark tones and its history means the colour often symbolizes power, authority, importance, confidence, stability, intelligence, unity, integrity, seriousness and even royalty. Not a bad statement to make when the extended family come over for Christmas this year!

Left: Bathroom by Moore Creative - Right: Kitchen via Nicole Franzen


Using Navy Blue furniture and interiors in 2019

You can use Navy Blue for practically anything! From incorporating it as a pop of colour against a muted palette, to building an entire room or home based on the foundations of Navy Blue, there’s so much you can do with it!

We asked our resident interior stylists how they’d use Navy Blue in the home, so take a screen shot or jot down some notes, pop in store, and create your own Navy Blue Oasis!



Keep the maritime theme alive with Navy Blue furniture and interiors. Introduce bold navy-and white-stripes and incorporate materials reminiscent of the sea such as glass, wicker, rattan or rope. The trendy shiplap wall or ceiling treatment is perfect for this theme, along with small touches of driftwood, lanterns, anchors, sailor’s hats and ships. Pop the AVIARA hanging chair outside and hang some prints of buoys and anchors inside to complete the coastal charm.




When it comes to designing an intimate space for your bedroom, go big or go home! When used in large swatches, Navy Blue creates a luxurious and elegant place to rest your head. Pair your Navy Blue SCANDI bed with linen and homewares that offer gold or silver embellishments, and add a brass or chrome lamp to the corner of the room, depending on the metallic shade you opt for. Add a Navy Blue or Light Grey MID CENTURY accent chair and your boudoir is ready to enjoy.


The best thing about Navy Blue is that it already looks mature without you having to do anything, so it’s just a matter of mixing and matching a range of Navy Blue furniture and interiors to suit your taste. Try the “Tuxedo” style in your kitchen! The bottom half of the room (cabinets and kitchen rug) are in the deep Navy Blue, while your benchtops and higher cabinets are in a lighter, neutral shade. You can also try colour blocking, like painting an entire wall of shelves navy blue, or using metallic accents like silver, bronze, copper or gold to create a sophisticated ambiance. For living rooms and bedrooms, make Navy Blue the feature piece with sofas and beds dominating the space, and create a minimalist space around it.

Left: via TLC Interiors - Right: Via Pinterest


A boho theme usally means anything goes, but the key to crafting a bohemian look that isn’t cluttered or tacky is to make sure there’s still a sense of harmony. You can use blue on blue, like a Sky Blue cushion on a navy blue LORAS VELVET sofa - , or mix and match materials, like an antique wooden chest as a coffee table with a deep blue-and-yellow print rug. Use navy blue as your base colour and let everything revolve around it to come up with a space that’s artistic, homey and uniquely yours.

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