Blinds and curtains add so much to a home; they bring personality and style to a room, they make you feel safer with some extra privacy and, most importantly, they help with a lazy Sunday morning sleep-in by keeping the sun at bay. But, do you know how blinds and curtains can keep you feeling snug in Winter, cool in Summer and your bank account happy all year-round? If not, then keep reading on! We’ve looked into everything from protecting your home and furniture, while saving money on energy bills along the way.

Light & UV Protection

When we think about the purpose of blinds, cutting back on glare and blocking out the afternoon sun is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Aside from blocking the visible sun rays, cutting back on invisible UV rays is also extremely important. We all know how UV rays can damage our skin and our furniture isn’t immune to these affects either. Fading, discoloration and aging can all be caused by the sun rays infiltrating your home. This doesn’t just affect that fancy new couch you just bought, but can also affect your timber floorboards with discoloration after only a few seasons. Living rooms and dining room usually have the most potential for damage when it comes to light and UV damage, but you most likely don’t want to protect your home by turning them into dark rooms with blockout blinds or curtains. This is where sheer blind and curtains are perfect! They provide some privacy while cutting these harmful rays by up to 90%.

Sound Barrier

There are two things that can ruin a sleep in, a bright room and a noisy neighbour. Whether you are a shift worker looking for a full 8 hours sleep or a new parent wanting their kid to stay in past 5am, a set of curtains or some blinds can be your saviour.

Not all curtains or blinds are suited for noise reduction, but a set of thick blockout curtains or blinds will make a world of difference. Though a set of blockout curtains/blinds are not going to turn your room into a silent oasis, they can reduce external sound by up to 40%. And that is all you and your family may need to get a solid night’s sleep.

Heat & Cold Insulation

Curtains and blinds act like an extra barrier between your rooms and the elements, so it makes sense that they can help insulate your home and keep you and your family comfortable. Though all curtains and blinds help regulate the temperature in your home, nothing can beat a set of room darkening or blockout outside mounted curtains or blinds that are as close as possible to the wall. The trick is to try and seal up your windows as much as possible, that way you reduce the effects of a hot Summer’s day or a chilly Winter’s night.

A single set of curtains or a roller blind helps trap the hot or cold air between it and the window panel, rather than let it seep into your room. You can improve home insulation even more by using duo blinds or doubling up your curtains. The two layers and the slight space between each layer greatly reduces the effects and noise from the outdoors even more.

Money & Energy Saving

We are all looking at ways to avoid getting a massive energy bill at the end of Summer and Winter, and the answer could be as simple as a set of curtains or blinds. By this point you may have realised that investing in a quality set of curtains or blinds can make your life so much more comfortable and save you money. How much are we talking about here? A study by the University of Stanford (3) looked into exactly how much energy you could be saving by simply installing a set of curtains. The study found that by closing your blinds or curtains at dusk on a cold day can reduce heat loss by 13-17%. Just imagine paying 13-17% less on your heating bill at the end of winter!

Ultimately, whether you are looking at investing in a set of classic sheer curtains or modern blockout roller blinds, they are going to help keep you house looking new for longer, have your family sitting comfy throughout the entire year and help you save you money!

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