Image: The Millar Family - PALLADINO - Photographer: Taneisha Millar

Furniture shopping with a large family in mind can be a daunting process with many considerations…size, durability, quality and comfort. Ticking all the right boxes as well as being stylish, now that’s a tall order!

Taneisha Millar (@meet__themillars), husband Lachlan, and her adorable family of 4 little ones, talk us through their recent furniture selection process and how they furnished their living and dining areas in quality furniture, that is robust enough to handle everyday life of a bustling, young family of 6 without compromising on style.

Introduce us to the Millars

My family and I relocated back to Rockhampton after living away for 8 years in a rural mining town. There, my husband and I had our 4 children. We love the location of Rockhampton as it’s both near the beach and the pine forests of Byfield. As the children are getting older, we’re loving spending time together outdoors. The beach is the ultimate go-to place to let the children run free, splash in the water and have fish and chips.

What were your biggest challenges when shopping for your larger family?

Most definitely taking into consideration size, fabric type and age of my children. Furniture selection has to take into account all of these factors if you want them to be long lasting. Fabric dining chairs and fabric lounge chairs are a luxury that we can have now that our children are old enough to understand to respect our furniture and be careful when eating.


Left:PALLADINO- Right:PROMENADE - Photographer: Taneisha Millar


How would you describe your personal style?

My style is coming together slowly, and I am aiming to create a crisp, neutral area throughout the house by using neutral and light coloured furniture but also adding warmth to create a cosy and homely feel too. Our home has character and so my furniture needs to reflect that too.

Why did you choose the Palladino modular lounge suite?

Having never owned our own home in the 8 years of living in a small mining town, and with having young children, we owned a very uncomfortable, yet very practical small lounge. I had always wanted a crisp, comfortable lounge that I could fall asleep on, relax on and just enjoy looking at. We ventured into Amart Furniture Rockhampton, not sure of what we were hoping to find, I laid eyes on the light coloured Palladino modular lounge suite, sat in it and instantly knew that we didn’t need to look any further.

How did you decide on colour? And the big question all parents want to know, how do you maintain your lighter upholstery finishes with young ones?

Light colours have always been my favourite! I’m always drawn to them. I knew that if we were going to spend the money, I wanted to get a light couch that had the WOW factor, and the Palladino does. Luckily, the children have their own living space which is purely why we could have such a light coloured, fabric lounge. We have a no climbing or jumping or standing rule that applies to all our furniture in the house which helps minimize the accumulation of dirt and stains on the furniture. The Smart Care helps so much with small marks here and there, especially on the dining chairs!

The great thing about our living and dining room selections is that both the Palladino lounge and Sorvino dining chairs both come in a dark grey fabric, perfect for those with younger children or those who have a shared living space.

How do you accessorise your living space?

Once we had picked the Palladino, I knew I wanted a coffee table with a modern look and a bit of warmth. I looked over at another lounge setting in store and saw the coffee table that we now have that is just perfect!!! Three wooden legs, tempered glass top and super stylish! With a scented candle and a fresh bouquet and it looks amazing with the rest of the furniture!

Once I had that done, I began looking into cushions and a rug. I found a light but textured rug and added some blush (in different tones and textures), plus a Bengal throw for comfort and brought in some more contrast with a darker brown cushion.



Image: SORVINO - Photographer: Taneisha Millar


What considerations did you take into account when selecting furniture for your dining room? Which dining setting did you decide on?

Size! It was really all about what would fit! We don’t have an open plan home, we actually have a separate dining room (so the dining table had to be a certain size to fit in the space) with the lounge room just off that. It was all about the size! We purchased the Sorvino dining set and we absolutely love it! It’s comfortable, stylish and the chairs are my favourite!!!

How does your dining table get used in your household?

The purpose of purchasing a large dining table was to begin a tradition of eating dinner together every night, talk about each others day, and spend that quality time together and it is serving that purpose wonderfully. We all look forward to dinner time.

Do you have any everyday styling tips for your dining space?

Because our dining space isn’t huge, in fact, just large enough to comfortably fit the dining table, I keep it as uncluttered as possible. I would like a piece of artwork on one wall and an olive tree in a beautiful large pot, just in the corner where our sheer white curtains catch that beautiful sunlight.


Left: SORVINO - Right: SORVINO - Photographer: Taneisha Millar