Samantha Tolley runs a very popular bargain hunting account across both Instagram and Facebook, @addicted_to_bargains. Samantha finds all the best deals (so you don't have to) and hunts high and low to find something for everyone, weather you're a chocolate aficionado, looking for a new outfit that won't break the bank or a homewares addict (like myself).

Samantha invites us in to her home to see how she has put together her bedroom in her brand new build just south of Brisbane city.


Introduce us to the Tolleys

My little family consists of my husband Jayden and 2 little girls that are 5 and 8. We have just moved into our brand new home in sunny Queensland and have taken so much pride in everything we have selected for our home.

We really enjoyed building our 1st home. It was something we wanted to do for a long time. We were so excited at every stage and we were lucky enough to have builders who would let us see everything progress from start to finish.


Left: Cushions - Right: SILVERWOOD - Photographer: Louise Roche - The Design Villa.


How is your furnishing and decorating progressing since completion ? Do you have any tips for planning furniture layouts for those coming to the end of their build?

We have pretty much furnished our whole home now. It took another 3 months after we built and moving in to figure out what we wanted and didn't want in our home plus where we wanted everything to go. My tip is not to rush the process (and any new purchases!) wait until you have access or can live in the space a little while to get a feel for the flow and what will and might not work for your home and your family.

We really needed a new bed and lounge as I didn't want the old ones to come into our new home (we had them for so many years, they were getting old and it was time for a change). Definitely measure your spaces and try to visualise where everything will go. We found a lounge we loved at Amart Logan Central but I was worried it would be too big. We went back to our house that day and measured the space and figured out how and where we wanted it - after double checking we were confident we had found the right lounge, we locked it in!


Left: YOSHI & AUSTAR - Photographer: Louise Roche - The Design Villa.



What were you looking for when choosing a bedroom suite for your new home? What made you decide on the Silverwood?

Previously, I had a leather bed and over time it really dated. I wanted something truly timeless and my vision was a beautiful wooden bed as I feel it goes with everything. I saw the Silverwood in a friends home, all set up and I instantly knew that it was the bed I wanted in our new home. My Mum has a beautiful wooden bed and even though she has had it for so many years, it still looks beautiful and something that will last a very long time. My tip is to go in-store take a picture and then go home. Go back a couple of times if you have to and if you love it every time, then it is meant to be.



Do you have any bedroom styling tips for your fellow bargain hunters?

I like to keep it simple with my styling in the bedroom. I recommend starting with a neutral base. For example, I love all things white. My favourite quilt cover set is white, I will then add some on-trend cushions like the terracotta and jute cushions pictured. I will change it up depending on the colour I am into at the time and I will also add a throw. As our tastes change, you don't have to replace the quilt just change the cushions or throw (depending on the season). You really don't have to spend a fortune to make your home look beautiful.


Image: SILVERWOOD & SILVERWOOD - Photographer: Louise Roche - The Design Villa.