Image: Taneisha’s home office – Stratten MK2 Swivel Desk Helm Office Chair Loras Velvet Fabric 2 Seater – Photographer: Taneisha Millar. 

A home office is a space for getting things done. It’s a space that should represent your unique style and inspire your creative mind.

Taneisha Millar (@meet__themillars), takes us through her recent office renovation, the office furniture selection process and how she furnished her home office without compromising on style.


Why is it so important to have a home office?

A home office is something that, I didn’t realise, I needed to have until I had it. 
Since starting my business, needing a quiet space to edit and focus has been a priority. Prior to my recent office renovation, the space was just a dark, unwelcoming, which basically functioned as a storage room. 
Now there is light, there is character and it’s a room I am proud of. It’s a space that makes me want to spend time in… it’s my happy space!


How does your home office get used in your household?

It is used primarily for my own work purposes. However, the children can take advantage and use the Loras Velvet Fabric 2 Seater to sit quietly, read and do their homework in an uninterrupted, quiet space.


Image: Loras Velvet Fabric 2 Seater – Photographer: Taneisha Millar


Home office must haves… What couldn’t you live without?

A versatile desk (as I like to move things around every now and again).
How did you represent your personal style in your office?
I spend most of my time in my home office. It has a homey feel to it and reflects my style by using crisp, but modern office furniture. The space was completed by adding a classical board and batten wallpaper feature plus colours in the décor; I do love a touch of colour!


Image: Taneisha’s home office – Stratten MK2 Swivel DeskHelm Office Chair – Photograher: Taniesha Millar

What considerations did you take into account when selecting your Amart furniture for your home office?

I wanted a style of office that wouldn’t date. An office that was modern and matched the style of our home. We have a lot of white, but I love that the grey in the Loras Velvet Fabric 2 Seater adds a sophisticated feature to the space (and it is really, really comfortable). 
The Stratten MK2 Swivel Desk has open shelving, providing space to add décor and make the office look ‘full’ without having a cluttered feel. The bookcase adds the same effect as well by completing one side of the room. The bookcase is the only piece of furniture on the opposite side of the room and because of the open, staggered shelving, minimal items placed on these shelves gives a look of completion without needing anything else. 
These ‘open’ furniture options tick all the boxes of creating a space that didn’t feel boxed in and with ‘chunks’ of furniture in the small space. Instead, it’s open and feels larger because of the open shelving on both the desk and bookcase.


Why did you choose the Stratten MK2 Swivel Desk and Helm Office Chair?

The Stratten MK2 Swivel Desk is AMAZING! I absolutely love the options it gives you regarding placement of the desk! Any corner, any side of the room and the desk can go there without worry of it not fitting or facing the right way! Simply move the shelving part in any which way (back, forwards, up to 360 degrees) and the desk will fit. It’s a wonderful feature! 
The Helm Office Chair is a stylish and modern chair with a high back; a very ‘office’ looking chair which I love and it is comfortable, while supporting my back for the long durations I spend sitting at my desk. 


Image: Taneisha’s home office – Photographer: Taneisha Millar