Mixing and matching furniture is a fun, low-effort way to bring your dining room to life.

If you’re sick of hunting for homewares that have the same colour and style as every other piece of décor you already own, why not embrace the “cool clashes” trend? And even though it might sound unconventional at first, take our word for it: mismatched dining chairs can look oh-so-sophisticated.

Don’t be afraid to go against the grain by embellishing your dining room with seating selections that look nothing alike. To subdue any doubts you might be having about pulling off this trend, these are the best reasons to go wild with your choice of dining chairs.The Eclectic Impact of Different Styles of Seating

The Eclectic Impact of Different Styles of Seating

Who would have thought pastel bar stools could make such a style statement? If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to mismatching your dining chairs, opt for a similar style in different colours. Unless you want to go to town with ultra-vibrant tones, employing a pastel palette will create a more subtle effect.

No matter what kind of colour scheme you decide on, using a variety of colours will add an unexpected twist to an otherwise traditional bar or dining setting.

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Creating Varied Textures

From timber to plush fabric, the mismatched dining chair trend works with a wide range of materials.Arranging a variety of different chairs made from similar materials around your dining table will give the room a hint of ramshackle charm.

If you’re really keen on clashing, using chairs made out of different textures is a great way to take the mismatched trend up a notch.

From left to right Andi Dining Chair, DIMITRI, La Salle Dining Chair


Helping Bring Vintage and Modern Designs Together

Can’t decide between a contemporary or retro style of chair? Enjoy the best of both worlds by using a mismatch of chairs from different eras. Not only will this make your dining room look cute and quirky – it’ll also giveyou the freedom to track down designs from all your favourite time periods.


From left to right LOZ MK2, BENJI

An Outlet for Creativity

Trying to make your living spaces appear perfectly coordinated can stifle your sense of creativity. Rather than playing it safe with monochrome colours and identical styles, picking out mismatched dining chairs is an opportunity to let your imagination run wild.

Regardless of how bold you want to be in your choice of dining chairs, don’t be afraid to get creative. Whether you’re drawn to dramatically diverse styles or chairs with subtle differences, the possibilities are endless.

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