Cube storage units are full of endless creative potential. Their dynamic form can give shape to a thousand functions – some that sound bizarre at first, but actually work incredibly well. So if you’re looking to change up your cube storage, think outside the box with these 10 creative ideas.

What Is Cube Storage?


Cube storage consists of stacked, hollow cubes. Designed to utilise open space, it can easily hold items directly or house storage boxes – it’s completely up to you – whether it’s a 1 cube, 3 cube or 9 cube storage unit.

Coming in square or rectangular shapes, each unit is cleverly built to fit into any room. These are the most popular places you’ll find cube storage:

Why Use Cube Storage?


Over the past few years, cube storage has planted itself into millions of homes. But why has it become so popular? Well, modern and versatile, it provides a great solution to many storage needs. It’s also:

The best thing about cube storage is that it doesn’t just have one purpose. Below are just some ideas to help you think creatively about making your own unique space with cube storage.

Window Bench


Although a 1 x 5 cube storage unit usually stands tall, placing it horizontally can give it a whole new purpose. All you need is a cushion. As long as the unit is sturdy enough, you can easily create a cool bench that is still a modern storage space.

Top tip: Place your new bench under a window so you can bask in natural light as you take advantage of this new reading nook. And with its wide storage space, you can even have your favourite books and magazines at your feet.

Cube Cat House


If you own a cat, you’ll probably find that it takes advantage of any cosy spaces and makes it theirs. That’s why cube shelves make the purrfect place for your feline friend. Whether it’s a single cube that Simba can snuggle into, or the centre shelf of a 16 cube storage unit for Tigger to jump into, creating a cat house is a fun way to incorporate pet space into your functioning and stylish living room.

Top tip: Wrap some yarn around one of the cube’s faces. This’ll make a stylish scratching post for your cat, while keeping your other furniture safer from its claws.

Storage Table


If you’re feeling a little crafty, then safely attach a table top to your storage cubes. This can convert it into a kitchen table, computer desk or work bench – or whatever you want. This handy piece also retains its storage use, holding your documents or expensive china.

Top tip: Go the extra step and place wheels on the bottom of your units. Now your office or kitchen can adapt to social events and continue to evolve with new styles.

Complete Storage For Kids


There seems to be an endless amount of things to store when it comes to your kids. But this can be solved with a cube storage unit. You just have to open your creative mind to what it can become. With one shelf storing gumboots and another holding their favourite books, this is a flexible piece of furniture that can easily adapt with growing children and their changing needs.

Top tip: It can also be a fun place to play. This vertical toy box can house dolls on lower levels, like an apartment building. Or you can set up a hammock for Teddy to lie on during the day, when the little ones are at school.

Cube Storage Groove


Your music is something that deserves to be exhibited and not remain hidden in an invisible playlist online. Thankfully, bringing your music entertainment system and physical music library together in one location is simple cube storage.

Place a record player and speakers on top of your cube shelves and fill the box spaces with your hot LP’s. This dedicated music space will become a striking feature piece for any living room or bedroom.

Top tip: Complement your music shrine with a single-seat lounge. This will make an alluring space that’s great for when you just need to sit down and zone out to your favourite tunes.

Plant Space


Bring your plants to new heights throughout your home with cube storage. Several shelves can climb your walls, adding layers to your greenery. This allows them to extend their colours and connect with more space. So, instead of painting your feature wall green, apply a living green wall that’s full of animated texture.

Top tip: Don’t be afraid to go large. Introduce enormous cube storage into your home and create a vertical garden.

Wall Divider

Open spaces give your home an inviting flow, but sometimes it’s nice to have some separation between certain rooms – the living room and dining room especially. A large cube storage unit can be used to divide two areas of a house, while maintaining the same breeze and lighting. This is because you’re not raising a whole wall. You’re just putting up a hollow frame that can be as full or as empty as you’d like.

Top tip: Glass vases and ornaments make great decorations for a cube storage room divider. They don’t just block the flow of light, but obscure it beautifully.

Bed storage


Have a thousand throw pillows on your bed? Well, when it’s time to sleep, just tuck them underneath your bed. Combining cube storage with your bed frame makes a handy use of an underutilised space. Whether you choose to fill the space with linen or a sneaky bottle of wine, this idea will open up your bedroom to practical modern living.

Top tip: Use one of these spaces to house your pet’s bed. That way you’ll be able to move during the night and won’t wake up to a tail in your face.

Shoe storage


Your pretty shoes should to be seen all the time. And hey, combined, your shoe collection is probably worth more than an original van Gogh. So why not display it like that art it is. That’s where cube storage comes in handy.

The pocket design of cube storage can place your prized shoes into their own stylish little homes. This means choosing the right shoe has never been easier. Just hold up your outfit to your new shoe wall and you’ll find the answer you seek.

Top tip: The more cubes you use means the less cramped your shoes will be. Inserting extra shelves will increase the cube-count and give you even more layers to safely store your shoes.

The Cube Bookcase


A row of books will always have a unique aesthetic and charming appeal. With hundreds of characters living within beautiful pages, they have to be displayed. And a cube bookshelf is a great way to get them out in the open to share their story.

You can pack them tightly and fit a library worth of books. With this idea, their contrasting spines will vibrantly engage a space and draw attention to itself.

Top tip: Colour coordinate your books so they follow the visible spectrum. This makes your bookcase easy to look at and creates a calmer mood.