Giving your home a new look shouldn’t mean having to overhaul all your furniture. It also shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

As the seasons change, chances are your style will too. So how can you update your space without investing time and money every new season?

Soft furnishings and decorator items are a quick and easy way to give your home a fresh look. When you want to give your space a style makeover, turn to lounge cushions, indoor plants, canvas arts and prints, and other homewares. They’re easy to swap out as your tastes change, so you’re not stuck with one style.

Ready to give your home a new look? All it takes is some affordable homewares and 30 minutes for this seasonal makeover!

The name: 30-Minute Seasonal Makeover!

The feel: Fresh, stylish, expressive.

The look: Colour, texture, and personality as far as the eye can see.

You’ll love this look if:

Giving your home a makeover on a budget is easy. It all starts with the latest looks in affordable homewares! Follow these tips for a quick revamp:

With stylish homewares and decorator items, you can easily (and affordably) transform your home every season. Simply swap out items as the seasons and styles change.

Whether you’re looking to change things up in your bedroom or wow guests with a stylish living room, creating a new look in your home just takes a few simple accessories.

Our massive range of homewares is always changing, keeping you ahead of the trends all year round. Give your home a quick seasonal makeover by shopping the style here, or head to your local Amart Furniture store to explore our homewares in person.